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Welcome to April! |

This month is huge for the PS3. The first week or two might be a little quiet, but there are quite a few big things coming out this month:

  • Grand Theft Auto 4: This game just looks better and better. We’ve seen some amazing games this generation, but this looks like it will take the cake. See the in-depth IGN interview for more.
  • Metal Gear Solid 4 Online Public Preview: This has been one of the most hotly anticipated titles since the announcement of the PS3, and now we finally get our first taste. It was amazing to see with MGS3 online could do with the PS2, so expectations are quite high for the PS3 follow-up. This is available to those who pre-order MGS4.
  • Gran Turismo 5: Prologue: This is finally coming to North America. Word from Europe and Japan is very good. Amazing graphics, physics, and attention to detail. And finally, online play.
  • DualShock 3: Japan has had this for a while, but finally western territories are getting this.
  • PSN Store Redesign: A fast native PS3 app with a complete redesign. This looks like a big improvement over the current system.
  • PSN Rumored Content: These aren’t confirmed, but come from a believable Europe leak. Dark Mist (a smaller scale dual-stick shooter/dungeon exploration title from the makers of Folklore), trailers for Resistance 2 and SOCOM, tons of add-ons including SSHD Solo Pack and PixelJunk Monsters add-on.
  • derrickgott007

    I’ve got a serious question about Metal Gear Solid Online….When I play is everyone online going to be that weird wireframe matrix looking stuff like they keep showing in the pictures? If so thats not cool.

    I don’t want everyone online to be bright orange and wireframe models of people….BOOO!!!

  • matt

    GTA IV is going to destroy sales records. This is the game that people will finally go wow, I am so glad I bought my 360/PS3. I am trying to not read too much about it so I am surprised.

    Thank God the Dual Shock 3 is coming out. Now i can get my second controller!

  • Darrin

    derrick, I think you are safe. I doubt the main game will use those wireframe figures. That’s probably from a VR training mission or something.

    matt, I couldn’t agree more. GTA4 looks like it will blow away everything else this generation thus far.


  • 29 days and counting….