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Warhawk 1.3 Patch has landed |

Included in the free patch is the new Warhawk paintjobs and insignias made by the fans. Plus a couple new ways to kill you opponents.

  • Field Mechanic’s Wrench (You can kill enemies and repair vehicles)
  • Bio-Field Generator (Acts like a mine, sticks to anything. Heals comrades and slowly kills enemies)
  • Another plus is the option to turn “Open Mic” off if you want. A interesting thing is that Home Game Launching is supported in the 1.3 patch. Is this a hint that Home is coming soon? Anyway, below is a video of the 1.3 Patch.

    From Crackle: Warhawk v1.3 Trailer

    Warhawk patch v1.3 coming tomorrow

    • derrickgott007

      So is this seperate from operation broken mirror? Or is it part of it? So confused……

    • I thought it was all at once, but it seems like operation broken mirror is coming later. Not sure on the price though, $7 ish?

    • Samus

      I guess they’ve had to delay breaking the mirror until after they’ve fixed the store. Can’t be repairing two things at once I guess.

    • Tested this out last night. I was in a jeep about to run somebody over. He was running straight at me with the Field Mechanic’s Wrench. And HE KILLED ME, lol. That’s a deadly weapon!

    • I bought this game right after the price drop.. I can’t say I like it, it is not my cup of tea. Wish it had a demo. I promise myself to not buy a game over 10usd if it doesn’t have a demo of some sort, unless it is MGS or GT5, or something of that calibre.

    • Got myself warkhawk (2nd hand) yesterday and GT5Prologue as well. I enjoyed the multiplayer races.