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Win The Metal Gear Saga Vol.2 DVD Here |

I’ve decided to give away my extra copy of the “Metal Gear Saga Vol.2” DVD. It’s unopened, new and still shrink wrapped. This comes with the Metal Gear Online Beta key as well. Which you can download April 17th.

Must be 18 or over and live in North America to enter. How do you enter? Just leave a comment below (only 1) and say why you like Metal Gear and I’ll choose one at random Sunday night. Good Luck and I hope we meet in the Metal Gear Universe πŸ™‚

Man I hope they keep the launcher in the game, lol.

  • I’ve been a fan of the metal gear series ever since the original NES game. Why? Interesting (if sometimes confusing) story, interesting characters, great gameplay- it’s as close to the best you can find for this type of game.

  • Levi

    I love how they do stealth in the MGS games, unparalleled.

  • Martin

    I love MGS and I cant wait for Guns of the Patriots,
    the other day I tried to play the nes mgs and the beginning
    is so hard.

  • David R

    Metal Gear is completely original. The first true story driven game and the only series that should be looked at as a masterpiece.

  • Gary

    Once again we Europeans get shafted…


  • Does Europe get a the Metal Gear Online Beta?

    I’m just limiting it to NA because I don’t want to pay a lot for shipping.

  • Chucked

    i would love to have MGS4 because ive never played any metal gear solid online, even though ive owned them all.

  • Rick Wilson

    Actually I’ve never played a Metal Gear Solid game since the PS3 is my first Sony platform. I remember playing the original Metal Gear on my NES back in the day though and that bastard was a hard freakin’ game.

  • Gary

    No idea Tosh, was just joking though! πŸ™‚

  • Ronin35

    I loooove me some MGS. I’ve played all of them, even the NES versions!

  • I will gladly pay the extra packaging to my home address in Holland πŸ˜‰

    ps. First Metal Gear was on MSX not the Nes..

  • derrickgott007

    I’ve always enjoyed the MGS series because of the story….plain and simple. It is engrossing.

  • James Bryan

    I love MGS because of the storylines and taking current political situations and mixing it up a bit to make them seem plausible despite the sci fi nature of the story.

  • Marcelo

    Love how they continually innovate!

  • freedesign

    metal gear you say, sounds like a welder’s hentai utopia Β· but alas, i did some snooping, & i’m quite confused as-to the hype surrounding this: savior of playstation. but let me remind you, nobody, …and i mean NOBODY could pull this look off:
    ah. we shall see…

  • I love the wonderful english translation of Metal Gear on the NES. I think I’ll go play it now.

    “The truck have started to move!”

  • jonathan

    love the concept of sneaking around and snaping peoples necks, also cant forget the awesome box hiding.

  • macdumpy

    I have played every (Sony-based) MG. They have always gotten better. Even my wife (GF at the time) is excited about MGS:4.

  • Magnusum

    The MGSΒ΄s story is off the hook, itΒ΄s my favorite series and Kojima san is out of his mind.

    Kojima my respect

  • Sporty

    I’ve always loved MGS series, I was late to the party though picking up MGS1 for the PSOne used a year after release. I got MGS2 when it was released but also received about 6 other PS2 games at the time so it went on the back burner for awhile.

    But since I always lose contests like this I wanted to enter here just so I can keep my streak of losing going strong πŸ˜€

  • Stephen

    Love the Metal Gear Series. Especially MGS1 and MGS3.

    Reason? Snake!

  • Josiah

    The story in the MGS series is always awesome, not mention the graphics or the sound design which are always second to none.

  • chaosatom

    I love to take pictures of ladies in the locker rooms of MGS2 and MGS3, lol

  • I like Metal Gear :P. And hope you can send to P.O. Boxes ,lol, What i Loved about the 1rst was all the innovation put in it, the clever uses of rumble, the battle with PsychoMantis, the Ocelot’s torture, I’ve been in love with the series then, And it’s just getting better.

  • defektedtoy

    Feasable military robots kick total ass.

  • ehandlr

    Raiden..nuff said πŸ˜›

  • chrysostom

    Just replayed MGS3, then MGS2, and then MGS1. It’s amazing how the game still holds up after all those years.

  • HarryAshcrack

    I love MGS for its creativity and inovation.

  • Trigga_Tybalt

    its funny how suddenly everyone starts commenting when they can get something in return…

    gary: agreed us euros always get nothing.

  • i’m not going to lie,
    i have never played any of the versions before ps1
    i have probably bought every one since then even the graphic novels on the psp =]
    ily guys even if i don’t get chosen…

  • I’m from Denmark, you know – the European Canada, so I stand no chance of winning this.

    But I’d just like to ad my two ΓΈrer (Danish currency):

    The main reason why I really like the Metal Gear Solid games is because at some point the game just screws with you. For example the Psycho Mantis battle in the first MGS game as mentioned above, or the part in MGS 2 where the screen just zooms out and leaves you wih an enormous WTF.moment.

  • RayGun

    Its just badass!

  • Darrin

    Great post! I can’t believe how many lurkers are here.

  • Mark

    I am new to Metal Gear, having only played in-store demos and at friends’ homes, but I would love a free shot at the MGO Beta to help kick-start my fascination with the series (I’ve been following news on MGS4 with a surprising ferocity) into a true obsession. Thanks.

  • Johnny’s Parasite

    Why I like MGS…
    1. Snake steps outside the ladies room with Meryl and the music stops playing. “What happened to the music?!?”
    2. Johnny’s father talking to himself on the can: “still coming…” or “that’s a big one.”
    3. “I’ve been waiting for you in my room” – Volgin to Raikov (Snake in disguise). He says something of that nature to Eva as well.
    4. Sokolov’s non-stop squealing.


  • I’m from Europe and thus excluded πŸ™

  • Rob

    Harry Gregson Williams
    David Hayter
    Hideo Kojima

    Intelligent gameplay and deep storylines are pretty much nonexistent today with the exception of this franchise (and Half Life). The 3 men listed are without a doubt one of the best reasons to come back every game.

  • Harjot

    Because of the Story

    And snake just ****ing owns

  • Felix

    I love Metal Gear Solid for it intriguing storyline, awesome plot twist and for it stealth action.

    Pick me and ill give you a cookie :p

  • Kamesen

    Hi everyone!

    I love MGS for its diversity. It allows you to play full on run-and-gun hardcore and/or tactical espionage in the same game. I love MGO because it will be better than COD4… just wait and see… Thanks Tosh!!


  • PLouie

    I’d like one!

  • Whazam!


  • Congrats to “James Bryan” you WON! Check your e-mail!

  • James Bryan

    yay! Thanks buddy!

  • Giovanni

    I like MG saga cuz the story is amazing and the graphic are cool, this is one of the few sagas that its worth to play.

  • benbigtime

    Because I am just like everyone else…one of a kind πŸ˜‰