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PS3 Advertisement is Impressive |

I’ve always liked unique marketing and this is is very unique. Can you spot the all the Playstation shapes? I can’t seem to find the circle. Hopefully we’ll see this is motion later πŸ™‚

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PlayStation 3 Advertising Art is Impressive

  • Huthen

    i think they forgot it πŸ˜‰

  • Tony

    I think it’s that wagon wheel to the right of the hand on the ground.

  • I thought that was it, but wasn’t sure.

  • It’s just left of the ladder rising towards the statue of the girl playing. But It’s hard to see I had to enlarge the image. πŸ™‚

  • Regarding the picture with the statue of the boy: On the base of the statue there is a badge where all the four symbols are.

  • Darrin

    Every now and then, Sony makes some really cool ads. Very nice.

  • In that first pic all the symbols are in a row- the square and circle are laying flat to the right of the X.

    2nd pic is a bit trickier but I did find them all. I agree they are unique and interesting but it may go over most people’s heads. How many would look at that and think “video game system”?

  • WoW! These

  • Darn, sorry for the double post, made a bad typo
    What I meant to say was “WoW! These adverts look stunning!”

  • Abdul Elah

    in 1st & 2nd pics, all symbols are in a row πŸ™‚

    nice step sony!

  • kotsios_psycho95

    Guys i have a problem with the ps3 network!
    When i put my e-mail address and the pass it says that it’s not right that i have to check if it’s right the pass or the e-mail but they are all right! Please answer to me i have big problem! :@

  • It was down yesterday. Is there a forgot your password option?

  • kotsios_psycho95

    No i try every day and today i tried but nothing and there is not any option to forgot my pass! I’m very angry with this situation! Please do something!

  • Go to this page:

    There is a forgot my password option there.

  • kotsios_psycho95

    Nothing !!!!!! DO SOMETHING!!!!! I’m trying to get into different accounts that my friends give me to take something and nothing!!!!!!!!!

  • Did you give your login info to someone else?
    You could contact Sony Support too

  • kotsios_psycho95

    Dude my friends gave to me their accs to download something that i haven’t but it doesn’t let me to log in to their acc

  • Maybe your account is locked/suspended or something. Contact Sony about this, there is nothing I can do to fix it for you.

  • kotsios_psycho95

    Listen dude when i am trying to get in to my friend account it says the things that i said to you and i told to my friend to get to my acc but also my friend cant log in to my acc this is sony problem i contact with sony but they didnt answer to me! Listen i want to get to my friend acc to get COD: WaW map pack 3 because to my country sony doesn’t support to buy map pack so i said to my friend to give to me his info to log in to his acc and download the map packs but ps3 network says the thing that i said to you before that the pass or sign in-ID ……….are incorrect but there are correct! If you can help me i
    will appreciate it!

  • kotsios_psycho95

    give me your mail to contact

  • I’m not giving you my e-mail. Because I can’t magically fix it for you. Did you try resetting your password??

  • kotsios_psycho95


  • kotsios_psycho95

    but nothing!

  • kotsios_psycho95 :


    Do you mean yes you reset your password and you got a new password and that new password doesn’t work?

  • kotsios_psycho95


  • What did Sony Support say to you? Are you caps lock on? lol It is case sensitive.

  • kotsios_psycho95

    they didn’t answer to me!

  • Try calling them?

    Consumer Services Department

    Hours of Operation
    Monday – Saturday 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM Pacific Time
    Sunday 7:00 AM – 6:30 PM Pacific Time

  • kotsios_psycho95

    k ty!