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Swedish GTAIV Bundle |

gtagaming is reporting that a Swedish retailer revealed a GTA IV and PS3 bundle. Supposedly it would go for sale for the same price as the GT5 Prologue bundle which launched a week ago.

This is a great idea on Sony’s part. Lots of people who bought PS2’s bought it just for GTA. And when they see a GTA IV and PS3 bundle in the stores, they might think that’s it’s probably time to move up to the current generation.

Hopefully North America will see a similar bundle.

GTA IV PS3 Bundle Coming to Europe

PS I posted this article from Flock, what may become my replacement for Firefox. I checked it out a while ago and it wasn’t so good back then. But I tried it again today, and it’s great! It integrates a lot things I do together in one easy to use place.

  • Mmm, I’ll have to test Flock later 🙂

    Ya, a GTA IV bundle sounds great. The more the better. But I’d snag a MGS4 one if I didn’t already have a PS3. GTA isn’t my thing.

  • sgssvsevsevs

    OMG I LOVE THIS!!! I’ll be getting this one on release date!!

  • James

    Yeay for GTA

    and double Yeay for Flock.

  • Andy

    I already have my copy on pre-order at Game…bring it on!!!

  • 22 days and counting