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DTS MA in PS3 Firmware 2.30 |

As reader Riggins44 pointed out to me, DTS MA is coming to the PS3. Finally. DTS Master Audio is one of Blu-ray’s audio formats, supported mostly by Fox if I remember correctly. It’s a lossless codec that would sound really awesome if you have the ears and home theater to hear the difference. Home theater buffs have been waiting for this for a long time. And it’ll be in the 2.30 firmware update. Here’s the salient part of DTS’ press release:


DTS, Inc. (NASDAQ: DTSI) a digital audio technology company dedicated to delivering the ultimate entertainment experience, has announced that its DTS-HD Master Audio™ technology is now available for the PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) computer entertainment system. DTS-HD Master Audio is capable of delivering audio that is bit-for-bit identical to the studio master at super high variable bit rates (up to 24.5 Mbps on Blu-ray™ Discs). This bit stream is so fast and the transfer rate so high that it can deliver 7.1 audio channel, 96k/24-bit sound identical to the original studio master. DTS’ single-bit-stream codec design enables supremely efficient content programming and consumer playback. PS3 can be upgradable to decode DTS-HD MASTER AUDIO by simply downloading the upcoming firmware upgrade on April 15th, 2008.

“We are extremely pleased that Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) is adding the full spectrum premium DTS-HD Master Audio codec into the PS3 so that more than 10 million owners of one of the best selling computer entertainment systems can have the best sounding, most efficient and flexible audio technology available as well,” said Brian Towne, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Division at DTS. “DTS-HD Master Audio is fast becoming the must-have feature for high definition entertainment enthusiasts.”

“PS3 was designed to enable delivery of new and improved technologies like DTS-HD Master Audio,” said Teiji Yutaka, Senior Vice President, Software Platform Development, SCE. “So we are delighted to be able to offer this capability to PS3 users.”


  • Darrin

    I’m more excited about a better selection of HDMI PCM/DTS-MA capable audio receivers.

    Does anyone actually have one of those yet?

    I’m still using an optical only receiver, so I can’t take advantage of this yet.

  • matt

    I haven’t picked up a new receiver that does Lossless yet, but DTS-HDMA is absolutely huge for the PS3. I am waiting on the new Onkyo Receivers which should be out very soon.

    I do know I prefer DTS to Dolby everytime.

  • The Onkyo receivers are out already, and already have DTS MA. Unless you’re waiting for the next generation of Onkyo receivers? Or maybe you’re not in North America?

  • Riggins44

    The Onkyo 605 is sub $400 and includes DTS-MA. Dollar for dollar it is an incrdible value for any mid level or lower audio nut. Just be aware that the PS3 will be doing the decoding, not the receiver, so it will not light up indicating that DTS MA is being received. Nor will it for True HD.

  • Well, it depends on the kind of support implemented in the new update. As far as I can tell, they’ll be decoding it and sending it out as high res PCM. But they may also add support for passing the bitstream out, which hasn’t been done before now.

  • Emrah

    If ps3 will be doing the decoding, we don’t need receivers that support DTS MA, am I wrong? Tho, we surely need ones that can receive high Khz and 24bit audio input, I am guessing.

  • Riggins44

    Emrah, you may be right. All you may need is a receiver that accepts signals via HDMI. The signal coming in at that point will be linear PCM. Unless, as Henning suggests, that the PS3 will eventually be able to send audio Bitstream in a future update. Then, you would want a receiver doing the decoding. So to future proof yourself, having a receiver that can do it all is a good idea IMO.

  • kevin

    see this comment on the official plastation blog for the answers:

    It will be decoded by the PS3 and sent as PCM