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New PS3 Store Dated in Japan [Update: Video Walkthrough] |


Sony has confirmed that the new PSN Store will hit the Japanese marketplace on April 15th. Along with the new PSN Store, Sony will also be releasing firmware 2.30.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember seeing what’s in firmware 2.30, besides the new store. Home perhaps? Somehow I doubt it…

PS3 News: Sony confirms date for new PS Store

[Edit by Tosh]

  • Japan will be getting a Easter Egg hunt in the new PlayStation Store

    To promote the new store, SCEJ will be offering a “PS treasure hunt” running from April 15th to May 12 2008. This will allow every 50th user to the store to download a “hidden” application or game, most likely for free.

    I hope we get a easter egg hunt too! 🙂

  • Gary

    Hopefully we don’t have to wait to much longer for the new NA/Euro Store!

  • that looks very slick! love the new instant preview feature. can’t wait.

  • Agreed. That looks really cool! 😀

  • mpz

    Looks nice.

    Although I wonder the streaming previews will run – currently it takes more than a few seconds just to load the few tiny icons on a current store page.

    But maybe we just get sucky service in Australia.