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Studio Closures: Full Auto + Sega Rally |

Two PS3/360 game studios closed this week:

This is somewhat of a reminder that game development can be an unforgiving field. These projects cost a lot to finance. One multi-million dollar flop will sink a studio.

Anyone mourning these studios?

I wasn’t a fan of their games, but others are, and I know how much skill and hard work it takes to put together those kinds of games.

I hope the skilled employees find better organizations to harness their talent.

  • Mike

    I’m not particularly big on racing games but that is unfortunate. Gotta really suck on the PC side of things where people just basically play Warcraft and the Sims.

  • That’s to bad. I did try Full Auto 2 to fill my Twisted Metal void on the PS3 and it honestly … didn’t. I returned it a couple weeks later.

  • Tom

    Hmm well I guess that fewer studios is always a bad thing. But Sega Rally was atrocious.

  • I liked Sega Rally Revo. Ah well, to each his own.

  • Nice update and thanks for sending the link back to my site, keep up the good work.


    I have updated my Game blogs on the site, you might wanna check it out 😉

  • derrickgott007

    This just goes to show that if you make crap games, you get crap sales, and then crap profits.

  • I bought Full Auto at launch and it was initially fun. Played it nonstop for a week or so, enjoyed the online portion of the game and though the visuals were good.

    I lost interest in it though, and it has been gathering dust since. The only reason I am hanging on to it is that the resale value is so low now it isn’t worth selling.

    They should have released content updates to it, same as happened with Motorstorm and other games.