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Why Resistance Is Great |

I just saw this video today of Resistance pre-release footage (from Resistance 1. Resistance 2 footage supposedly hits later today), and it reminded me why this is easily my favorite title in such an over-crowded genre (for campaign mode. I think other titles have Resistance beat in multiplayer fun).

I definitely need to replay this one when I get an HDTV.

UPDATE: Resistance 2 teaser is merely an announcement of the real gameplay footage to come on June 13.

  • Gary

    I think the opposite. Resistance was incredible fun online. I first started out playing solo (it was also my first ever online gaming experience) but soon met some really great people who I can now call my friends and clan mates.

    Resistance will always hold great memories for me.

    It also STILL has the best online infrastructure of any PS3 title to date, that includes Warhawk and CoD4. Now that is pathetic!

  • Mike

    I agree with Gary, Resistance is awesome online, and in my opinion a better online experience than COD4. The 60 person battles in R2 are going to be sic!

  • I have to agree with Gary regarding the online infrastructure. Resistance still provides the best online facilities of any PS3 game – squads and a mute option (so you don’t need to listen to the morons), a proper lobby, and most importantly, crystal-clear comms.

    Given that Resistance was a launch title, it’s a disgrace that other developers are settling for such shoddy comms in their games. I’m hoping that with Insomniac’s recent code give-away, more developers will be using clear comms in their future releases. COD4 could certainly use it.

  • Darrin

    Honestly, your opinions probably have more weight on the multiplayer front since I suspect you guys have played more recent multiplayer shooters. I added that comment in to balance the post out a little so that it didn’t sound like a commercial.

    Paranoimia, I completely agree that Resistance has by far the best lobby system, text/voice chat, and community features. It also has the best graphics/animation/physics IMO. It’s just the core gameplay is too chaotic and frag-festy, while I like more strategic play (Counterstrike, UT3 Warfare, R6:V, etc).

    For Resistance 2, I expect great things from multiplayer. Beyond just cranking the max player count, I think Insomniac has dreamed up some innovative play mechanics. And the 8-player party style co-op sounds like a brilliant idea (I hope we can replay levels like you would with MMORPG dungeons).

  • I don’t like freg-fests either. I still need to finish the single player, tho! (I have played a total of 3-4 hours online, the net code seemed work extremely well, but I got owned badly :\ )

  • I have just started playing RFOM coop with a friend (he bought it used for 25€ and the original receipt said, it was a freaking week old^^)…

    It is ok, but since I am not much of a shooter gamer, I find it, like most shooters, quite boring…

    At least you can play “Quake Style” (aka Run and Gun) in Coop^^

    But still, the teaser looked nice!