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Resistance 2 – GTTV Exclusive Teaser HD |

When they say teaser, they really mean it. Not much here, but what is here is cool:

Resistance 2 – GTTV Exclusive Teaser HD

  • It looks interesting. It does what a teaser should do and keeps me waiting very impatiently for June, even more so because of MGS4.

    This was especially evident due to the pillocks making ‘The Force Unleashed’ and ‘HAZE’ who have been giving away their game plots on a more frequent basis than dogs barking.

    So, either it’s because of the inevitable comparison of the two that makes insomniac to seem heavenly, or maybe they really are. I’m hoping for the latter, and I think that R2 will be one of the better FPS games for 2008 🙂

  • Gary

    GTA IV aside, I’m looking forward to Resistance 2 more than any other game, including MGS4.

  • Watcher

    Wow. That trailer along shows how the graphic engine has been upgraded and those flying ships….can’t wait, just can’t wait..

  • Watcher, I am sure they have come a long way till resistance 1, but that does not have to be with their graphic engine. Looking forward to the gameplay video..

  • Arthur Mitchell

    Still playing through the first game myself (and loving every minute of it), but this trailer looks very interesting. That sweeping shot of city full of flying cars looks fantastic.

    Of course, no indication of how the gameplay will have developed – but I have high hopes!