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New PSN Store Impressions |


This morning I updated to firmware 2.30 on my PS3, and tried out the new PLAYSTATION Store. I was surprised by how quick it booted up once I hit the X. That was nice. The new interface looks very nice as well, as you’ve all probably figured out from the screenshots and videos.

I think it’s a shame that the store caters to those with 4:3 aspect ratio televisions. Lots of us own HDTV’s, so it would be nice if that wasted space was being used. Used by what? More content of course. But there’s a problem with that…

The store is slow.

Not the interface. The interface is quick. If you drill down or up, or click on a game or video, the next screen comes up quickly, which is nice

Downloading content is slow. Click on a category, and you have to wait a long time for all the icons to fill up. And this will only get worse. I was trying the store at 8:45am EST, before the people on the west coast were even awake. And even then, content was slow to come up. I hope Sony works on fixing this.

One of the new features of the store is the preview functionality. With it, certain select titles have screenshots or videos that you can video. And when I say “certain select”, I’m not kidding. I found one title with a couple screenshots, and about three titles with videos. Of course, I didn’t check them all, but I checked quite a few. I assume that Sony will try to have previews for new content, and not care so much about content that’s already on there. But who knows, maybe Sony will surprise us.

All in all, the new store is nice. It’s quite an upgrade over the old one. I just hope that the performance issues will be resolved.

  • Ya, the store is still under maintenance until 11pm tonight. The missing / slow loading icons will be fixed.

  • Pellib

    And as we Europeans are used to we are treated like second grade customers, sad….

  • dawogfather

    i liked it too but how damn slow is it…

    hopefully that gets resolved!

    i agree they should have some sort of options for the look and feel and 4:3 settings…

    theres so many places they can take it

    but please somebody please tell me, what is wrong with having a search box on the damn thing???!?

  • Russty

    I guess SCEE managed to screw us over one more time.
    The layout on the EU store is just horrible compared to the US store.

  • Graeme

    It’s disgusting how we get treated in the UK. Half the service and twice the price.

  • JimmyStewart

    I agree with most of the comments about the store… but I’ve got to say I love it. It’s so much better than the previous store. It seems very similar to the 360 store and I think that’s a good thing. At this point I’d even go so far as to say I think it has a better layout than the 360’s. My biggest gripe is that this store will not be completely until they have a video download store. That is one of the biggest features I’d love to have and one I’ve been waiting for since launch on the PS3.

    I think this already shows so much improvement and if they fix those few minor issues this would be the download store everyone else should look to. As it is it went from one of the worst to one of the best.

  • >>I was trying the store at 8:45am EST, before the people on the west coast were even awake

    The update hit around 11 PM here, I got it around 11:50 – I queued up a bunch of downloads and left it overnight, I’m sure other users did to.

    Speed was slow when I used it, but at least the menus load faster now.

  • mpz

    Hmm, the Australian shop has always had a different (and yes, crappier) layout from the us one. Firstly because it used to have so much less content so having so many categories wouldn’t have made any sense. It improved with time, although there was always room for improvement.

    Anyway – yes it’d be nice if the preview videos were in the same place as the games, and it’d be nice to list demos separately, but … after you’ve already got a ps3 all you’re going to be looking at is what’s new, so what’s the big deal? If the icons cache between shop runs then it’ll be faster than the old one next visit too (i’ve only run it once so far).

    And, who wants to spend all their time in a shop …

  • Andy

    The AU Store used to have downloadable music videos from these seem to be missing from the new store…will they return?