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Super Stardust: HD New Modes Available! |

The new Super Stardust: HD Solus expansion pack is now available from the new PS Store and it is awesome! You get 4 new modes for £2.99 and it’s an absolute bargain!

I’ve had a quick blast on all 4 modes and each one is superb fun and adds massively to the Stardust experience. 😀

The first new mode is Endless. You face a constant stream of different (and new) enemies that attack in random patterns. It is incredible fun and some of the new enemies have to be seen to be believed. It’s hard to describe to you what you are faced with. It’s just absolutely epic!! 😀

Next up is Survival. You are faced with a constant stream of indestructible rocks that can not be destroyed. You’re goal is to survive as long as possible. You can destroy mines to add a couple of seconds to your time. I managed 2:27.25 on my first go. 8)

Bomber is next up. You are only armed with bombs, no other weapons or boost and you have to get as many points as possible. It’s all about timing your blasts. You start with 10 bombs so you aren’t at a big disadvantage initially. It soon becomes absolutely epic though with hordes of enemies swarming all over you! Brilliant stuff!

Time Attack is the final new mode, which basically involves you seeing how fast you can finish individual planets.

There’s also a new Retro music option in the settings.

This is by far the most awesome piece of DLC ever! Each mode adds massively to the original game and they are all great fun. There is more info about how long it took you to get your high scores, when you did it and what was your highest ever rank obtained.

Amazing stuff. Buy it now and if you haven’t bought SS:HD before then there’s even more reason to get it now. There’s more content in SS:HD than most disc based games released so far on the PS3 and it’s definitely in my top 5 PS3 games released to date. Brilliant! 😀

  • Endless is amazing! 9.8m is my new high score.

    Has nobody else bought the new pack yet?

    Come on people!! 🙂

  • manlord

    Just yesterday i saw a piece of DLC in th ein-game store. A multiplayer DLC. Anyone heard anything about that one?

  • It’s not visible anymore in the updated SS: HD that I have but I saw that before aswell. No idea what it would contain though.

  • I’m saddened by the lack of Super Stardust love. 🙁

    Has nobody bought the new game pack? Any thoughts?

  • jwspiker

    i 1st off didn’t care for the expansion. I’m really needing to sort out my MP3’s, and consolidate them, and organize them so that I can get a good playlist going for SSD.

    The additional expansions are amazing actually. Really really add some fun to the game. I’m still trying to get better at this game, cause I’ve yet to open up the last planet, but yeah, great game, hard, but great.

    Just wish Ikaruga would come to the PSN.

  • TJ

    The update is awesome. Endless mode is really entertaining and is my favorite. My high score is just over 10 million. There are new enemies, even some ice crystal type things that cover the planet as an obstacle. The meteor shower is insane. I also like the pod thing that destroys everything on the planet. The retro track is nice. They seem to have added some more default tracks for the new modes. To me it seems that everything in the game had a graphical update.