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PS3 Doldrums |

Is it just me?

I’m finding that I’m not posting much here these days. Partly because I’m a little bummed about finding a software development job that I actually enjoy. (I’m looking for a job doing Mac development, but there’s precious little of that going on in Ottawa. Anybody know of any jobs like this in Ottawa? Or that would allow me to telecommute?) But mostly I’m bummed because there just isn’t much PS3 stuff out there that interests me right now.

We seem to be in a perpetual waiting game. The good stuff is coming, really it is. Just wait for it, and wait some more.

While the new PSN store is nice, it doesn’t impact my gaming life in any substantial way. I never spent a lot of time in the store before, and the redesign won’t change things. I get in there, get what I want, and get out.

This week we finally see GT5 Prologue, which I can’t buy because I’m looking for a job. So that’s something at least.

But all the really good stuff seems to be perpetually out of reach. We’ve been waiting a long long time for the likes of Home, Killzone 2, LittleBigPlanet, MGS4, and in-game XMB. Are they ever going to get here? At least we know MGS4 is coming in June, but the others are all too far in the distance to have any concrete meaning. Except to tease us, and then to move even further into the distance.

So while I’m glad that the PS3 is selling well, I’m also in the doldrums. There’s not much new or exciting to talk about, and therefore I’m stuck. Ah well.

  • Henning, add me in linkedin. You’ll be connected to a lot of people in the software industry, there’s bound to be a company connected to me that has a mac dev department.

  • Well, the only notable things were GT5P and now the MGS4 beta…

    the rest, well not much…

    I just find it ridiculous, that Sony stopped updating the store for three weeks and then update it (in EU), and don’t give us shit, beside the Beta… which starts on Monday.

    I hope, the US store gets at least something… And I want Elefunk!! That game looks wicked (I loved Bridge Builder, back in the days at the Bundeswehr)

  • Check out

    They are in Vancouver and are a Mac shop. I know its not Ottawa but they might be interested in work done off site.

  • Darrin

    I couldn’t disagree more.

    The first 9 months of 2007 was largely a waiting game. Now I have a a huge backlog of games from the end of 2007. Great stuff in early ’08: I’ve rented DMC4, R6:V2, and Hot Shots Golf, and have barely played them.

    Now, I just got new controller, I’m getting GT5:P, we get to try a brand new PSN game next week, I get to try the hugely anticipated MGS4O in a week or so, and my most anticipated game of all time, comes out in less than two weeks: GTA4.

    I fell like we’re in the middle of a flood of content. On the other hand, my gaming time is limited, and demands from job and school are high.

    In early 2006, PS3 coverage was terrible, and I felt like this site was really the only good place to get some good news. Now, there is tons to talk about, but there are dozens of other good sites witch excellent coverage.

  • Real Gambler

    C’mon, how can you pass on GT5!!!! $39.99 and I got a free PS3 hat from Future Shop. (Hat alone is worth at least $10). Really hope you find a great job soon!

    BTW, somehow, I feel the other way around myself though. I currently own about a 12 games… Never bought so many games for any other consoles during the first year of their life (Katching). Then, I normally never buy games during the summer, but this time, I just bought GT5, I’ll likely buy GTA and I will buy MGS for sure. Summer time is here, and some awesome games are coming out. More Katching… But I this point, I would like more waiting between games, because it’s getting hard on my wallet!

  • Riggins44

    Henning, have to disagree bro. COD4 really started if off for me. Warhawk, NHL 08, Drake’s Fortune, GT, GTA, Metal Gear. There is almost too much to play. COD 4 map pack, Warhawk expansion coming that add to the list. PS3/ Blu Ray win the HD war and that movie library will only grow.

    Hang in there with the job deal. On the Mac front, has anyone developed a PS3 theme generator for the Mac yet? I google it now and again and have not seen anything,

  • HachiRoku

    I’m gonna have to disagree as well…
    We have GT5P right now… we have MGO next week!!!! Then GTA4 two weeks after that!
    I was never into the craze of the GTA series, but this one might be worth a look. I’m sort of anticipating the demo to HAZE, if anyone can believe it. I wanna see if the 4-player coop is a solid coop experience or not. I’m hoping it is… *fingers crossed*
    Aside from that, I’m just waiting for MGS4 to hit!! =)
    In the far distance, I’m looking forward to Resistance2 and Killzone.

  • Darrin

    A little off topic, but Mac software development? There are tons of jobs doing Java, Ruby, Python, PHP development where you can use Macs, but are you referring to actual Cocoa OS X desktop app development? Those jobs are very rare. Why would you want to do that?

    What kind of work have you done recently?

  • Jeff

    Well if you use your PS3 as a bluray player as well, how could you not comment on DTS-MA this week?

  • Good luck in your job search Henning!

    As far as games, I don’t feel like I’m waiting. The MGO Beta will keep me entertained until May 5th. Then after that, I’ll try out the new CoD4 maps / Warhawk update and Burnout update. Then MGS4 is June 😀

  • I’m not complaining that much that there’s nothing to play. I’m still having a blast with Rock Band. I’m complaining more that there’s nothing to talk about. But then, I don’t care about GTA. 😉

    Darrin: I don’t know Ruby, Python, PHP, etc. Well, a little PHP.

    Yes, I want to do Cocoa OS X desktop app development. Why? Because it’s interesting and fun.

    Lately I’ve been doing Java stuff at IBM. Before that I did a lot of Win32 work.

    I’m learning Cocoa/Xcode in my spare time. It’s neat.

  • Dingo

    You need a vacation, then a job. Have you considered moving?
    Cupertino is in my backyard and Apple is hiring like crazy.

    As far as PS3 stuff is concerned, boy I am swamped. I spend tons of time in Warhawk and CoD 4, I haven’t started R&C: ToD, haven’t opened DarkSector, still working on Condemned 2, got little time for FIFA 2008 (although I love it when I play it), still spend some time with Oblivion, still need to play DMC 4, never finished Jericho, etc. I have more games than I can handle.
    And GT 5, Haze, MGO and MGS 4 are around the corner!!!

    I think the PS3 has come a very long way in a very short period of time. At this point, the bashers are clinging on the lack of in-game XMB to keep their hatred alive.

  • I’d love to work for Apple, but the house prices in Cupertino are astounding. I’d have to pay more than a million dollars there for the house I have here which I paid less than $250k for!

  • hmdm

    Its just you. The PS3 is meant to be played. There are plenty of games. “..concrete meaning..”, “..doldrums..”?? This isn’t your life, its just a video game system!

  • Dingo

    Ah, nothing is perfect, you know. I could also afford a mansion in the Midwest, but I live in an apartment in the middle of Silicon Valley.
    You have to decide what is most important to you and shed those attachments that keep you from going for it.

  • Gary

    Henning has a family to consider aswell.

    Despite me owning the majority of games released on the PS3 I feel the same as Henning, although GTA IV will soon solve the problem for me.

    SS: HD’s Solo pack has me hooked at the minute and confirmation that Burnout Paradise will have custom soundtracks has stopped me from getting rid of the game.

    Apart from that, there’s very little to get me excited on the PS3 (GTA IV and MGS4 aside) until after September.

  • Real Gambler

    Think about it this way then… At least we have some great exclusives to get us through the summer. As far as I know, there’s even less to get exited about on the other consoles for the next few months, so it could be far worse!… Wow I like GT5 btw!

  • Darrin

    Even if there were 10x as many games coming out that were 10x as good, people would still be complaining that nothing good is coming out, everything is boring, etc.

    Video games and fiction aren’t a good substitute for a rewarding career or a happy life. I really hope that isn’t offensive.

    FYI, I do Java in my spare time, and dream of doing that full time (my current job is all Microsoft, which I don’t like, but it’s in a field that I am excited about). I used to do desktop Mac GUI work full time and wouldn’t want to go back. I know, every programmer has a very different idea of what’s “fun” to work on.

  • have you considered iphone development? that seems like a pretty exciting place to be.

  • Felt the same recently until picked up PSM magazine yesterday, GTA IV, MGS4 and Haze all have the potential to be big games. Not generally a metal gear or grant theft fan but assuming online action is well done I see them being added to my collection – although notice today Konami’s track record with server issues continues and beta has been pulled on MGS4 online (temporarily allegedly)

  • matt

    Henning I am shocked you haven’t gotten really excited about DTS-HDMA. I don’t know id you have gotten new gear to handle it yet. I personally am now looking insanely for my next receiver. I think I am leaning towards the new Pioneer gear over the Onkyo. i am still waiting on news from the Onkyo 700 and 800 lines for 2008.

    Good Luck with your job hunt. I went from job to job for years until I found my current job where I am truly happy. Sometimes a job you think you will not like turns out to be the opposite.

  • Meh. I don’t have a processor capable of handling multichannel PCM, and in my current jobless state, it’ll be a long time before I can finally upgrade.

    But if I WERE looking for something now, I’d wait just a bit longer for the new Sherwood Newcastle receiver.