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GTA’s Creative VP Dan Houser on Game Storage Capacity |

Back in 2004, just before the release of San Andreas, Dan Houser said this in an interview:

The danger is currently the storage medium (DVD), and one we thing we’re all praying for in the next round of hardware is that they don’t just go, ‘It’s DVD again’.

That would sound like blatant console-wars flame-bait if said today, but back in 2004, it was a little more innocent.

Suprisingly, the same Dan Houser recently made more comments along those lines in another interview:

When you only had a CD as opposed to DVD, you could put like 10 songs and eight lines of dialogue and that was your entire game. We were lovingly casting all our actors in “GTA 2” to be DJs on radio stations, but they probably said three things each. The big technological advance was when things moved to DVD, almost more than the power of Playstation 2. It was the storage unit. You could suddenly put on a lot of audio a lot more animation and a lot more content in a world. That then gave us the opportunity of making that content interesting.

Regardless of tech and platform issues, this game sounds absolutely amazing.

UPDATE: Rockstar Games founder, Sam Houser, was even more blunt in an interview with 1UP:

One of the problems with the 360, and it affects games like Grand Theft Auto if you think about how much content we put in the actual machine, is the fact that they don’t have a significantly larger storage medium than the previous systems. It’s a slightly bigger DVD disc.

  • Rjcc

    Seems like they fit quite a bit of stuff onto a DVD

  • Me: When did you decide to do the episodic content? How do you see it fitting into “GTA IV?”

    DH: I think it’s an experiment. The idea of a world that’s you can drop bits into it, that’s interesting. But we’ll see how it goes. At the moment, there’s not much going on with it. We’re finishing off the last bits of this one and the only way we can really do this is by really focusing on it.

    Come April the 30 [the day after “GTA IV” comes out], then we’ll look at [September release] “Midnight Club[:Los Angeles]” and the episodes and everything else. For the moment we’re all like, “GTA 4! GTA 4! GTA 4!” If you want to launch a big big media product, it has to be all consuming.

    But yea, it’s interesting. Maybe it’s changing and maybe it’s not ready. You don’t really know what’s happening with that stuff and at the time we’ll see what’s going on.

    In other words. XBOX Bought episodic content, but it will take a while before their fanbase will get the episodic content. At this time, THERE IS NO EPISODIC CONTENT! And there will be NO EPISODIC CONTENT until after September, actually until FAR AFTER SEPTEMBER, because, in september the guys at rockstar will START working on the episodic content.

    I just wonder why nobody hangs that up the big bell

  • Okay, so MS bought extra DLC exclusively for the 360 version, but… so what? All that means is that 360 will get content which PS3 won’t… it doesn’t mean that there won’t be any DLC for the PS3 version.

    There may well be content for PS3 that won’t be available for 360. In fact, given the recent story that GTA IV will be tied into Home (, I’d say it’s pretty much guaranteed.

  • OOhh I missed that one! Thanks for the link 🙂

  • Rjcc

    That’s when they’ll start promoting the DLC. Whatever you have to tell yourself to be ok with buying the PS3 version, please do.

  • Rjcc

    The way you’re reading it, then he just said they won’t be working on midnight club until GTA ships. Learn english

  • matt

    Why is this news on a PS3 site? Seriously. The game fits fine on a DVD. According to bit torrent sites the game is 6.8gb. that is way under the 8.9gb limit.

    Since you brought it up, the Episodic Content is huge. 50 million is a ton of money. Enough to create almost any game made to date. It will be worth the extra money that Microsoft paid to them and to their users.

    The PS3 version is the gimped version. Launch Day everyone gets the same game. In time the 360 version will be much larger and “better”.

    As long as games are made for both systems, the games will have to fit on a DVD 9. The Blu-Ray disc is a non factor.

  • John

    6.8GB is about the formated storage capacity for the 360 (which is 7GB), so they actually used up all the space they could, and if the PS3 version is 6.8GB too, it means they gimped the content in some way or another to fit the 360 limit.

  • matt

    What do you think DVD 9 stands for? You are so wrong.