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Motorbikes heading to Burnout Paradise! |

Watch this Crash TV podcast for some amazing news and footage!! Confirmation that Motorbikes and night time races are heading to Burnout Paradise in a future update! Around the 27:30 mark is where you will see the first footage of a motorbike. 😯

The Motorbikes will be in the Davis update, due at the end of July/beginning of August and will not be free. If the price is reasonable I’ll definitely be interested in paying for it. I love riding around the GTA games on a Motorbike so it will be interesting to have them included in Burnout Paradise.

Around the 36min mark you will see footage of planes flying around Paradise City. These may or may not be added to the game at some point but it hasn’t been confirmed as any part of a future update just yet. Crazy stuff!

The Cagney update (scheduled for the end of June) will also include customisable soundtracks for the PS3 version. Should be awesome! I was so close to trading this game in aswell! 🙂

  • Those updates sound great. It will be fun crashing a motorcycle at high speeds 🙂

  • Solid_Nat

    Burnout FTW. The commitment of Criterion to this game is outstanding.

    The Cagney update will also include a live dashboard relaying news, online status, upcoming events etc.

    Bikes at night will be great fun!

  • I hear there is a update for Burnout today. What does the update do?

  • Today’s update is mostly bug-fixes.

    In addition, the ‘Davis’ update will introduce a bike, BUT – if you listen carefully – you will NOT be able to ride the bike against cars. It really is little more than a demo at the moment. They’re hoping to integrate it more fully in other future updates.