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The reviews for GTA 4 are starting to come out. IGN hasn’t given a score this high in ten years! Wow!


  • Jason

    This is awesome. And a textbook perfect marketing plan. It was teased just enough. Just think of the millions of people dreaming about it over this weekend.

    Sony could learn a lot from this approach. In my opinion they’ve been teasing Home, Killzone, and LBP WAY too far in advance. If you think about it they haven’t really shown an once of gameplay from GTA4 yet.

    I curious to see what happens to TakeTwo stock on Monday.

  • Jason

    once = ounce

  • Plus, if you read the review, while both versions are close, the PS3 version is visually better than the 360. Not bad, considering Rockstar apparently ‘struggled’ with the PS3 version.

  • Pc

    I’m soooo excited, but i have to work monday and i’ll be out of town for a couple days !!!! damnit !!!!!

  • I’m out for a week on holiday to celibrate my 1st anniversary. Talk about bad timing!

  • Darrin

    Jason, I agree that they teased Home, LBP, and Killzone way too far in advance. But that’s probably because they didn’t expect delays and at GDC ’07, everyone was calling for Sony’s blood and they were desperate to show something.

    GTA series was my favorite on PS2, so for me, this is the biggest game launch ever. Outrageously high review scores just fuel the fire.

  • Gary

    For people wondering how long the install takes on the PS3 version, It takes 7 minutes to install 3339 MB of data to your HDD.

  • oh no … not again … I got to go change my shorts !

  • 1 day and 12 hours… 7 mins…

  • Bilzac

    Hey guys just thought id tell u i got an early copy…wont be playing online though coz i heard ppl are getting banned or somethin(…anywyas if anyone has questions plz post em here..ill try to get back to u i have my finals/AP exams going on

  • Darrin

    bilzac, congrats! Let us know how it is.

  • matt

    The marketing plan for this game is 90% past experience. If I didn’t see one ad, one movie, or anything at all about GTA 4 I would still buy it day one. All the ads have done is get me so excited I am ready to break into the damn store to get at it early!

    2 hours 35 minutes to go!