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SOCOM – First Good Use of SIXAXIS? |

Any SOCOM fans out there? Here’s a video interview with some actual gameplay footage in there. Once I get a job I might pick this one up – downloaded, even.

Of interest to me were the comments right near the end where they said that you can use the SIXAXIS motion controls to lean your character, among other things. I wonder if this will end up being the first really useful SIXAXIS feature?

  • Gary

    Resistance had the only useful SIXAXIS use to date. You could shake off tags and flames and look at the map in online games by titling and shaking the pad.

    So far, the use of motion controls in PS3 games has been pretty crap. I’ve always turned them off as as I could.

  • A nice use of sixaxis was done in locoroco (not a fan of the game tho), and yes Resistance had it proper. Also, uncharted could have used sixaxis in wheel turning sections instead of button tapping, but they did not.

    Sixaxis feels best when it is used for secondary tasks, IMHO.

  • Jason

    I’m a huge Socom fan and that’s probably why I have such high expectations for the new gen installment. It looks to me that Confrontation will have to get by on it’s gameplay and community mechanics rather than cutting edge physics and graphics.

    It’s a little disappointing that they couldn’t bring the two together for such an important franchise. I know a lot of die hard Socomers will argue that the game was never about high-end graphics but for me it’s really all about immersion, and from that perspective more realism is always better.

    I’m really hoping that Battlefield Bad Company is secretly working on an optional third person view though I’m sure it is very unlikely. If only zipper or slantsix could license Dice’s Frostbite engine.

  • Akin

    i liked the use of sixaxis in Heavenly Sword

  • Sporty

    Haven’t tried a SOCOM game yet, but I’m interested in seeing how this multiplayer goes. Warhawk surprised me in it’s addictiveness, wouldn’t mind a more ground combat team DM game. Also after COD4 I’m a little more interested in seeing how the Zipper SOCOM is going to look.