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GTA4: Ladies of the Night |

With all the controversy surrounding previous GTA games along with Bully and Manhunt, I was expecting the devs to cool it this time and keep a low profile. I was wrong.

This video is not safe for work at all. Higher res version here.

I have to admit, this game looks like a ton of fun.

  • lock box,soundtrack,artbook,bag, keychain… yea baby

  • MPZ

    Hey, I never tried before – but this website is unreadable when using the ps3’s game-os browser.

    Most of the text is black on black. Any chance of a tweak to address it?

  • Pretty hard to debug.

  • francois

    Just watched the video… this is sad that a lot of children are going to play this game.

  • That’s just it, though – this game is rated 18 – children should NOT be playing this, any more than they should be watching an 18-rated movie.

    Those parents that buy this for their kids have no business whatsoever complaining about the content.

    People will no doubt have blame Rockstar, but the fact is that not all videogames are intended for or aimed at kids. Parents need to take responsibility, and not pass the buck.

  • west coast ps3

    yeah I don’t think there is any way I could let my kids play the game, it looks and sounds over the top.

    I think there is a big void for decent kid friendly games, even if it is just a Final Fantasy re-master in hi-def or something.