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Burnout Paradise PS3 Owners get Cool Feature |

Now this is what I like to see. Developers are using the PS3’s unique abilities to do unique things with the PS3. Has your memory card slot gone unused? Soon you can use it to bring Burnout Paradise savegames to your computer and upload it to where it will be analyzed and you can see all the stuff you’re missing!

PS3 players with the recently-released Bogart software update will be able to import their save game via USB drive or Memory Stick and analyse it on!

Based on that, we create an interactive map that allows you to view the location of all incomplete discoverables. That includes Jumps, Smashes, Billboards, Junkyards, Body Shops, Paint Shops, Gas Stations and Car Parks.

Our technicians are just putting the final touches to this feature – we expect it to go live imminently!

Cool stuff.

PS3 Paradise players get all the love!

  • Cool, I’ll have to give that a shot, some billboards and jumps are hard to find.

  • Watcher

    Sounds great. It’s good to see developers thinking out of the box for games they create. Creating free options for players can help generate more profits by making the original game more interesting rather than nickel and diming gamers for miniscule additions. I hope more developers notice and follow suit. This is how you positively stretch the life of a game.