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GTA 4 Buggy? |

I was just about to post another complete set of GTA 4 impressions, but when I went back to play another mission or two… it started locking up. The game locks up on load about 70% of the time, and when it does successfully load, it freezes within a few minutes. I’ve also seen a cut scene freeze while the dialog kept playing (I couldn’t skip the cutscene or quit out of the game). I’ve tried to play over a dozen times in the past day and no luck.

I had gotten about five solid hours of play time before this started happening, and if I play under a different user account (without my save game, of course), it seemed to work fine. Also, my PS3 is otherwise very stable and last night I played several hours of MGS:O and other games without any hiccups at all, so it’s definitely the game and not my system.

Looking on the official Sony forums, lots of people are having this issue. Of course, lots of people aren’t having this issue as well.

But wow… What is arguably the biggest and best game launch thus far in the PS3’s lifetime and it ships with substantial reliability issues. Hopefully, this will be fixed by a downloadable patch soon, but that is annoying.

Anyone else having any issues?

UPDATE: Thanks everyone. Disabling Internet connection seems to fix the issue for almost everyone including myself. I was getting very consistent crashes and when I disabled the Internet, I played several hours without any hiccups at all. Hopefully this will be patched shortly.

  • Bill

    Yes, I’m having these exact issues too. Was able to play for several hours fine and then lately there is a 50% chance it locks up while initially loading the game. If that works then it may lock up in the middle of the game at a random spot but that is more sporatic. I’ve heard turning off the internet connection may help… going to try that shortly.

  • Rich

    I’ve had a few issues with the game locking up on me. I tried the delete the install thing but it still freezes. I’ve had success with the logging out of PSN method. Which is great but then there is no online. It would be great if Rockstar or Take Two would release a statement that they are working on a patch instead of the bullsh*t solution they have suggested.

  • Lars

    I don’t have these problems, sounds bad. I can only say I love this game and the story is awesome.


  • Mal

    I was going to say ive had no problems, but ive just fired up my PS3 to play for a few hours and my save game doesn’t load anymore 🙁 im about 5 hours of play into the game.

    This is on a UK launch day 60 gig PS3.

  • James Bryan

    apparently, in the worst case scenario, you’ll have to delete the install data and save files, disconnect the PS3 from the internet, do a hard reset (hold the power button for 5 secs), redo vid settings, etc., restart the game (PS3 still disconnected from the internet) and turn auto save off. Mine froze while loading. Just disconnected the internet and it works fine.

  • Mal

    Yup, Disconnecting from PSN fixed it for me, hope there’s a patch in the works so i can stay online though.

  • James Bryan

    oh yeah, you might also have to delete internet cache and stuff too

  • No problem here either… at least nothing game breaking…

    I had one instance, where the display of the taxis and the mobile phone didn’t “clear” and the new text would just be rendered above the old one. And, 2 times out of … I can’t tell, the PS3 “3 beep” rebootet, after quitting the game.

    I am on a launch day 60GB German PAL PS3!

  • nick

    I’m having issues when my RGB setting is on full w/ GTA and locking up. I have no idea why. But I have it set to limeted now. I also have a 60gb ps3. This also might be the solution

  • bnz

    i strongly recommend to _not_ start to delete any game data. just disable the internet connection until rockstar fixes the issue. according to some forum speculations, there may be some problem connecting to rockstar servers and the game just doesn’t catch this problem by a timeout and displaying a “cannot contact rockstar servers” problem. i suppose the problem will automagically disappear in a day or so! and no, this problem is definately different from the freeze issues described earlier with the 12 point fix list. This problem just happened today and seems to concern everyone with a PS3 connected to the internet.

  • bnz

    i strongly suggest not to delete any game data. this problem seems to be different from the 60gb ps3 freeze issue described earlier with the 12 point fix list. i suppose some rockstar servers are unreachable and the game just doesn’t catch this problem properly with a timeout and an error message. i firmly believe that this problem magically disappears in a day or so.

  • bnz

    sorry for the double post. there was some caching problem on my side.

  • Gary

    I’ve had no problems so far, aside from the game freezing once and my PS3 is always connected to the internet. I’m 20hrs in…

  • James Bryan

    hmm i tried reconnecting the ethernet cable and PSN says ill be signed in, then the game freezes. i hope R* hurries with a patch because I’d like to play online

  • macdumpy

    Unplugging the Ethernet has fixed it for me. Not too bad, as I am only playing single player right now, but the MP I have played as been a riot. I do hope they fix it, even if just for MP.

  • James Bryan

    Figured it out. Delete Cache and Delete Authentication Info in internet browser tools. Mine works online now. For more in-depth info, check out my post over at in the GTAIV section. It’s a pinned topic with the title Take-Two offers PS3 GTAIV Fix or whatever. It’s the post by me, Jimmy Magnum, second reply I believe so you don’t have to search for it. You won’t have to start a new game this way either. Keep in mind I own a near-release 60GB, which seem to have the most problems

  • Andy

    I had problems during the auto loading of my save games, if I disable the Internet connection then my version loads fine (60GB + Wireless).

    Bring on the patch!

  • Thierry

    ps3 60gb europe version: disable internet connection to fix the freeze issue.

  • Trigga_Tybalt

    the cause of the problem;
    going to go and try it now to see if it works. problem is even when it does work the frame rate it choppy.

  • this sucks…. 60 gig day 1 in the us… I got issues…….. thank you fellas for the info on turn off the internet… that does work

  • Jerry

    Yeah GTA4 is great. When I get a level 5 Star rating my game starts bugging out. I still think its a great game just rushed to shipments…Im completely Loving ECHOCHROME!!!!!! Why is noone talking about this game? Far and away the most intresting game i have played in years. I had some girls over yesterday to do some drinking; instead of playing drinking games, we all just passed the controller around and drank. We almost never mad it to the bar. Finally a game the girls can finally enjoy is alright with me. What does anyone else think?

  • anthony

    what do i have to do to find Brian for the third time in gta 4? is there some trick?