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Finished Untold Legends |

Last night my friend Steve and I finished Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom.

I don’t know why this game has been so thoroughly panned in the press. Steve and I played this game co-operatively, and we had a blast. Sure, it has a few problems here and there, but nothing bad enough to spoil the game.

I played the ranger (or whatever she’s called) and Steve played the wizard. It was a lot of fun doing combos, and the good spells were a lot of fun. They could have had more of those, however. The special effects were fun to watch, the baddies were fun to kill, and most of the levels were fun to traverse.

All in all I’m quite satisfied with the game, but now I’m done. Anybody in Ottawa want to buy it from me?

  • Darrin

    I played it and it seemed like an OK, by the numbers, action RPG. It’s good if you are in the mood for that, but if you expected substantial innovation or something technically dazzling, you’d be disappointed.

    Also, when that game was launched, the media was on a PS3 hate frenzy and was very hostile towards PS3 games.

  • when i first got my ps3, i rented and it seemed like decen game except that the camera was so Fing awful that i quit playing about 3 mins into it…..

  • Yes, the camera was quite annoying. But we worked around it.

  • west coast ps3

    Cool that you finished it. I’ve been meaning to do the same; challenge is getting past the 10-12 hr mark without loosing interest, every couple months I give it another stab. There seems to be a drought for RPGs right now with the PS3, hopefully that means that some really good ones are around the corner.

  • Meresin

    Its camera could have been worse. Did you try Genji: Days of the Blade? THAT was a bad camera implementation.

    I also enjoyed Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom. Most of the reviews I read seemed to focus on the game being graphically disappointing, so I have a funny feeling that certain tech demo videos released by Sony may have been responsible for setting the bar too high. Untold Legends deserved better, but got shafted by the environment into which it was released.