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Elefunk Trailer |

There’s a ton of stuff on PSN recently that I haven’t really gotten around to. I’d like to try the full version of Echochrome for one. But this upcoming PSN game looks pretty good too:

Looks somewhat like Lemmings. What do you think?

  • Gary

    It looks pretty good and I can see the similarities between Lemmings. Not sure whether it’s the kind of game I’d be willing to buy, so I hope they release a demo.

    What I would like is the PJM Encore pack on the UK Store.

  • I so want Elephunk!!! I loved Bridge Builder on the PC (it let my live thru the boredom that is the Bundeswehr) and I guess, I will love this one too!

  • Lloyd

    Yeh, it looks like a cute bridge building game, let’s home they haven’t simplified the concept too much and that the puzzles are difficult. They might dumb it down too much as it looks like a family targeted game. But I hope not, I could dig this if the puzzles are worthwhile.

  • mpz

    Saw this a few weeks ago on ths psn. Could be ok if there are enough levels/etc. I hope they fix the frame-rate issues too – it looks like a game running on an underpowered pc.