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MGS4 Rumoured Features |

As the owner and operator of this site, you’d think that I’d be privy to interesting PS3 rumours that others might not hear. Well, you’d be wrong. I don’t get inside information about anything, and it’s just as hard for me to find stuff out as you guys.

Except maybe this once.

You’re gonna have to take this with a huge grain of salt, but feel free to debate and discuss the worthiness of this rumour. It comes in two parts.

The first is that along with MGS4, you’ll also get a separate app as a download to your PS3 which will let you access scoreboards, story, and more information. This download is open to all PSN users, but purchasers of the game will be able to unlock more stuff in the app than others.

The second thing I heard is that MGS4 will be getting DLC packs in July and August. No more details than that.

  • That MGS4 app sounds very fun. Hurry up JUNE!

  • Darrin

    Nice insider tip!

    However, downloading story boards doesn’t really sound all that interesting.