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Open Home Beta Now November |

I try not to think to much about Home. I don’t want to make the wait any more painful than it already is. But now Sony will be focusing on the “gaming” aspect of Home and not the advertising part of it. That should have been like that from the start …. oh well.

I was looking forward to seeing all the game spaces. Now that wait has become much longer. More people will be let into the closed beta in July, with a open beta in November. So good luck to everyone.

Home slated for November release as open beta

  • Darrin

    The most important thing is that they do this right. They need to build a good foundation and keep development momentum moving.

    Another couple of months of scheduling slip isn’t a big deal. The summer 2008 schedule is plenty busy to keep everyone occupied until then (major firmware update, MGS4, SingStar, Mercs 2). Home is probably going to be a huge success and a ton of fun, but I’m still more worried about quality and having a good design and a stable team rather than a schedule slip.

  • Trieloth

    🙁 I have been excited for way tooooo looong. But Iam sure I will turn into a happy little school girl when it does come out.

  • yodaddy

    uh.. is that nov. this year or next ?

  • lol, better be 2008 😛

  • The Claw

    Home beta in November, yeah, I think we all know where that’s going; “Home full release in Spring 09”, then “Home delayed until Fall 09 because Kaz still doesn’t like it” wash, rinse, repeat.

    Home development being in consistant state of torpor isn’t all that big a deal nor is it even sensational any more. No, what’s really agitating is that in-game XMB is apparently undergoing the same dilatory development schedule as Home, and if you squint really hard you can see that Sony is kind of enjoying themselves while delaying it. You know, with their little “in-shirt XMB” party that you weren’t invited to.

    With Home essentially being cancelled for 2008 and in-game XMB racing off into the sunset, I think it’s high time Sony got a little in-ass foot.

  • Trieloth

    I can see what The Claw means..Its like they get to screw around with the cool stuff for a good year before everyone else. I can see there big ol smile on there face. So when we do eventually get the stuff its really freaking OLD. Video games are getting to be the same way. I know it has to be perfected but come on already.