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Haze: No Four-Player Splitscreen? |

Did you notice this report on Haze the other day? It had this little tidbit in there:

Will the game support 4 player co-op and multiplayer in split screen? […]

The game supports two players split screen per PS3 in Co-op and multiplayer. You can connect two PS3 with 2 players playing split screen to make it four players. And you can even LAN four consoles to play four versus four… if you want to.

So the game only support two players split screen per PS3 in multiplayer. What good is that? If I’m playing a multiplayer split screen game, it’s not very fun going up against just one other player. This needs to be four player split screen.

This goes against everything that we’ve heard about Haze from the start. It’s always been held up as a game that would support four player split screen action, and now we learn that it doesn’t? I have to wonder if a mistake was made in writing up or researching this report.

  • Next2Heaven

    That can’t be right. They touted it as being 4 player split screen forever and I’ve seen it play 4 player with 4 boxes on screen. I doubt they took it out.

  • HachiRoku

    I, for one, do not care in the least. I only care that they implemented 4-player co-op, and that the game actually *plays* decent. The demo proved both were solid, so this will be a purchase for me next week! (I didn’t get RSV2 because they made it only a 2-player co-op game, which was a serious deal breaker for me)

    As for Haze not having 4-player split screen, I imagine it’s because of the reworking and implementing of features in there (causing the delay), and doing all that in 4-player splitscreen would bog the system down too much. Who really likes to play at 5fps on 4-player splitscreen? Anyone tried 4-player split in GRAW2 on the Xbox360? Ack! It was like watching a slideshow! (ok, I exaggerate, but you get the idea…)

  • I have to agree with HachiRoku – 4-player split-screen is a no-go for me. Why? Firstly, the lack of screen space drastically affects my enjoyment of a game – even Resistance in 2-player co-op was a bit of a mare. Secondly, while it may suit a co-op mode, I have NEVER understood split-screen FPS games in a versus mode, since you can see where your opponents are – which in my personal opinion totally defeats the object.

    Imagine, for example, if you were in a CoD4 deathmatch with a friend on split-screen. You’d both know where the other was, which takes any element of surprise or fun out of the game.

    No, as far as Haze goes, I’m more than happy with 4-player online co-op to play with my buddies over the net. I might have the occasional local split-screen 2-player game with a friend who comes to visit, but that would be it.

    Besides, the graphical hit to keep up the pace in a 4-player split would be more than I’d be willing to give up. Resistance 2-player is good, and looks just as good as the single-player game. I know this game has been developed by Free Radical, but it’s published by Ubisoft… and given Ubi’s less-than-impressive online offerings with the Rainbow Six Vegas titles (slow action, reduced quality graphics), I think a 4-player split would be totally unplayable, and/or look like a PS1 game.

  • Matt

    I like this site, but you DO go on about split-screen too much, but thats just my opinion…

  • Next2Heaven: that’s what I was thinking.

    HachiRoku: Four player split screen is totally do-able. CoD4 does it well, So does Warhawk. And don’t forget the launch title Resistance, which also did it well. If a developer can’t do it, then there’s a problem with the developer. GRAW2 on the PS3 is actually playable split screen. I’ve done it a lot.

    Paranoimia: just don’t look at where your opponents are. Usually it’s only the poorer players that resort to this anyway, in which case they need the help. It’s never been an issue for my friends and me.

    Matt: yes I do. I know it. But it’s a free world and I’ll keep pounding this drum because it’s a pet peeve of mine.

  • I don’t think how good (or not) a player you are comes into it. It’s very difficult NOT to look at where others are. The human eye is naturally attracted to movement, so if you’re in a sniping position and your opponent is running around, it’s difficult to stop your eyes from straying.

    For racers, split-screen is fine – maybe even expected. But not for FPS. That said, even in something simple like a 2-player race in Gran Turismo, if I’m bombing down a straight and my friend is negotiating corners, my eye is often drawn to his ‘screen’, and it affects my racing.

    Anyway, gaming is the main reason I bought a HDTV. If I was happy playing on a small screen, I’d have stuck with the old 14-inch Philips monitor I had back in my Amiga days! 😀

  • The Claw

    While pretty much every previous source of information pointed towards Haze having four player splitscreen, I’m inclined to believe that this new report is not a mistake. Aymeric Evennou (the developer) actually answered that question twice and both times the answer was very deliberate; Haze only supports 2 players per console in splitscreen.

    That’s not really a surprise since it’s bad news, because bad news and the gaming industry have been having a really great relationship recently.

  • Paranoimia:

    Well, like I said, that’s never been a problem for us. Maybe some people just get more distracted than others.

    One of the reasons why I like my large screen HDTV is so that I can do split screen without squinting as much.

    The Claw:

    I’m afraid you’re right but I hope you’re wrong. 🙂

  • The Claw

    Henning: Me being wrong is about as likely as Haze having four player splitscreen.

  • Matt

    Henning: Fair enough

  • Carl;)G

    ‘TimeSplitters 2’ with 4 mates is brilliant!!! ;-P Was going to buy ‘HaZe’ but not now :-/ +I’m a very big fan of FRD games!!! Very disappointed! :-/
    Oh well maybe ‘TimeSplitters 4’ will be 4 player off-line then er i hope! ;-D
    Seems like we are going backwards, not forwards :-/

  • The Claw

    Carl: TimeSplitters 4 had better have a full multiplayer suite or Free Radical will be doing themselves and the series a colossal disservice. I’m talking four player splitscreen in co-op and competitive modes both online and offline, full clan features, advanced user created map distribution, customizable characters and so forth, you know, the works.

    Haze not having that stuff is acceptable considering that it’s a new title and Free Radical’s first offering this generation. However, TimeSplitters 4 not having such features would be a shameful waste.

  • hobbes

    think henning is simply a social gamer in that he gets his buds over 3 or 4 total and have fun as a group all together in front of the same TV, much more social and was why i originally got into gaming, playing 4 player games on the sega genesis back in the day, those 4 player sport games where wonderful and much more fun. Likewise with this HAZE would have been a bit better if they would ahve done this. Hopefully Res2 will do that.