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Video Uploaded to Youtube within a PS3 Game |

The video below was created and uploaded to YouTube from within a PS3 game. This could have some great potential. Imagine a cool moment in a game that you wish you could have recorded and shared with your friends. Now you can if the game supports it. Right now only this game supports it at the moment.

Check out NeoGAF and start at post 58.

  • The Claw

    That’s a cool feature but it would be even better if, instead of it being implemented on a game-by-game basis, Sony made it a system feature.

  • Darrin

    I’d kill for a standard, works-in-any-game, screen capture feature.

    This is cool too though. It’s probably for make-your-own-video type of thing in something like SingStar rather than a general movie capture feature.

  • The Claw

    Darrin: I can’t think of any good excuse Sony could use to not add a screen capture feature to the in-game XMB. Especially since Resistance already has it. Then again, Resistance does seem to have a lot of features that other developers and even Sony themselves can’t seem to grasp.

  • Since all additional OS features may require more RAM, and that this RAM is shared by the OS and the games, they’d have to make the OS footprint smaller or the the feature could be turned on per game. The latter is much easier as the game sets out with that much less ram and is built that way, but this leads to non-standard implementation. If they could get away with additionaly features in a separate ram portion that games didn’t use, they’d probably already done in game xmb. They have to keep the backwards compatibility.

  • The Claw

    Emrah: I understand what you’re getting at with the “RAM/OS footprint” talk but a basic snapshot function wouldn’t take up much system memory at all. In fact, all a basic “print screen” funtion does is take one frame out of the frame memory buffer and copies it to a storage location. In terms of memory, the only thing that’s losing in that kind of battle is the hard drive because it has to store the actual files.