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April Hardware Sales: USA + Japan |


  • Mike

    The fact that an 8 year old system that most people already own is so close to 360 and PS3 sales is pretty damning. They both needed to fix their pricing months ago but at this point they seem resigned to settling for less. When you can only get around 188K each in the month that GTA releases, you’ve just about gotten everyone who is going to pay the current asking price. It’s actually pretty pathetic compared to the hardware sales spikes of the PS2 GTA releases.

  • James Bryan

    They were also exclusive to PS2 for a bit too, but this time, its a simultaneous release, which means more spread out sales amongst consoles. If it became a PS3 exclusive, even for 6 months, the 360 and PS3 sales difference would have been vastly different and I’d go as far out as to say that the PS3 would have had at least 50% more sales. If anything, GTAIV was a huge release but its not going to sell one console over another. High Def gaming barely became an entertainment staple within the past couple years and it still takes a lot of money to manufacture newer tech consoles. PS2 is selling well because it has older technology and is cheaper to produce, thus lowering the retail price and still has a lot of really good games. Add to the fact that newer PS3s don’t have full backwards compatibility, you’ll still need a PS2 to play those. I say PS3’s biggest sales boom will take place on or around June 12th when MGS4 comes out. It’s PS3’s biggest game release to date and it’s exclusive to PS3. That is when PS3 will start winning the sales race, not by a percent or two, but by 20% or more. This is PS3’s year, because after MGS4, we’re getting Resistance 2, Killzone 2, MotorStorm 2, and Final Fantasy 13 (not sure if that’s an ’08 release or not) (and many more, including PSN titles and stuff)

  • Darrin

    After GTA 4, I expected much larger PS3/360 sales. On the other hand, GTA 4 was only out for five days in the April reporting period. Some of the consoles sales spike may have happened in early May.

    Wow at two things:

    – Nintendo sales. It’s been said before, but wow.
    – PSP in Japan. Those Japan sales are huge! Is all that due to that one Monster Hunter game? That shows what one mega-hit can really do.

  • Rich

    Hey, why shouldn’t the PS2 still sell? Its cheap has a ton of great games that you can’t get anywhere else. The PS3 & 360 sales seem low, is that the economy peeking its head into the videogame industry? The PSP did ok, but if you look it up the PSP had NO top selling software last month. The console is selling well but is everyone using custom firmware and downloading games from bit torrent? Am I the only one that buys games for the PSP?

  • Darrin

    For the PSP, Monster Hunter is selling huge numbers in Japan.

  • John

    PS3 & 360 main pricing issue isn’t that of the consoles IMHO, it’s that of the games. A console is a one-time purchase (ok, maybe not for the 360 given RROD), while games are regular purchases (rental are still far from being available enough to matter).
    And the 2nd hand games market for both consoles is still very limited (and still expensive).

  • Mike

    I’m not crazy about the higher game prices this gen but I don’t think that is as much of an issue considering how well some games are selling. People will shell out $60 for a game they really want, but these are also people that spent a good chunk of change on the hardware and shouldn’t hesitate to buy the software that makes use of it.

    As far as sales being 50% higher for either system having GTA IV as an exclusive… that would still be lower than 300K. Not good at all for a game of that magnitude.

    “The PS3 & 360 sales seem low, is that the economy peeking its head into the videogame industry?”

    Even before the “recession” word was being thrown around I thought hardware pricing was a huge issue as far as system sales would go. Wii is in line with what people have been used to paying for the past 13 years. Maybe what PS3 and 360 are doing is actually good relative to their prices (Saturn never sold that many units at $399.99) but why is 360 only $50 cheaper two and a half years later if they are not hitting 200K in a month like this? PS3 needs to come down as well but the technology in the system is probably going to make that harder to achieve.