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Game I Want to See on PS3 |

I was just talking to Tosh this morning about Champions of Norrath, my favourite PS2 game. Which got me thinking that I would really like a game in the same spirit as that one on the PS3. Which got me thinking about what my all-time most wanted made-up game would be on the PS3. So here it is. This is the game I’d most like to see on the PS3, in the form of a recipe (kinda).

1. Start with a game with the same basic mechanics as Champions of Norrath.
2. Update the game with current generation visuals and 5.1 surround sound.
3. Throw in some of the cool stuff from Untold Legends like the combo system.
4. Make sure it has good online and offline multiplayer support.
5. Expand the random dungeon generator so that they’re different every time you play. (This was in Champions, but not its sequel.)
6. Add more spells and variety in spells.
7. Add three dimensionality to the game, allowing you to jump down on enemies.

Okay, okay. I was starting to get a little too specific there. The point is, I’d like to see a good Champions style game on the PS3. Untold Legends was a valiant attempt, but fell quite short.

That’s what I’d like to see. How about you guys?

  • I’d love to see a game like WoW on my PS3, but with some changes…

    a) Instant Travel… In WoW, it can take up to ten minutes (and even more on lower levels) to reach your desired destination

    b) Less “peer pressure”… Many missions in WoW force you to find a group of other players, possibly specific classes, which makes it even harder

    c) Less grinding… WoW sometimes forces you to grind for items (or XP) for several hours (hint to Blizzard… this is NOT what a game should be)

    d) Better Ground Finder… In WoW, there is a group finder for specific instances etc… but it doesn’t work very well

    e) Make it possible to change realms free of charge… 20€ is WAY out of line for this

    f) Pay per Hours or Pay per Day… Sometimes, I felt like playing WoW for a day or two, but the smallest amount you can buy is a month. And I will not pay 13€ for 2 days, maybe even less

  • Lakuma

    I would like to see more RPG’s. I know FF13 is coming out sometime but we need more. I would like to see a new and improved version of FF7 for the PS3!!

  • They say point n click style adventure games are dead but I’d love to see a Monkey Island on PS3, the 3D style of ‘Escape..’ could be done much better than PS2. I’d like to see it go for a slightly less cartoony look with the kind of detailed backgrounds you’d expect from a next-gen game. Make it really open and expansive, add some online features (online insult fighting?) and it’d be a winner for sure.

  • Sporty

    I actually hope they do a EQoA style game for PS3. I loved it on PS2. I didn’t get into it till late in the game and left for FFXI since I wanted to be part of a MMORPG from the start.

    But EQoA was pretty fun, it was the first subscription game I ever played. Only reason I got into it was due to the trial included with my network adaptor. If not for that I probably wouldn’t have done FFXI, EQ2 and WoW.

    Never tried Champions of Norrath.

    My favorite gaming genres are JRPG’s and Adventure, both seem to be lacking right now.

  • Lonesome

    I completely agree with you…Baldur’s Gate I and II, Champions of Norrath, and Return To Arms were great games that I played with my wife all the time. When we first heard about Untold Legends, we were so excited…then so dissapointed…the first game a new console, Untold Legends wasn’t exactly what we were looking for, but the base was there…and I think the game you’re envisioning would be awesome…