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PixelJunk Eden Video |

HD Version

The look and the environments remind me a lot of LocoRoco Cocorecho. What do you guys think?

Thanks to Sporty for the link. Too much PS3 news to fully cover today 🙂

  • freedesign

    the landscape of gaming is changing: an i for-one can’t wait to see the horizon. psychedelic music and game play centering around a pollenating a garden · well pack the pipe, and call me susan!

  • I really like all these unique games that are out or coming to the PSN. But I for one hated “LocoRoco Cocorecho” on the PS3. I like the PSP version though.

  • freedesign

    agreed: cocorecho the “interactive screensaver” was not enjoyable, unfortunate because his older yet slightly smaller psp brother locoRoco was really unique and fun

  • Darrin

    I loved LocoRoco Cocorecho. You guys are missing out. I didn’t like that there was no way to save/resume to aim for the perfect runs, but the game was so much fun and filled with different things to discover.

    However, both Cocorecho and Eden have lots of those plant-like curly-branch environments.