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So I Bought a Wii |

wii.jpgLast weekend I was in Walmart looking for an easy-to-use digital camera for my daughter. I walked past the Wii display and it looked like there were some boxes there. Surely, these must be some peripheral or somesuch, because I’d never seen Wii’s at Walmart since… well… ever! But no, these were the real deal. About seven of them.

So I picked one up, and Wii Play too for the extra controller. My wife and I had discussed this earlier, and we thought it would be a fun gaming system for her and the kids.

So we got it home and I neglected it for a bit so that I can play with my kids outside. My daughter was more interested in the new digital camera than the Wii, and ditto goes for my other daughter and son. Eventually I set up the system and got things running. And you know what? The kids enjoyed creating the Miis but soon lost interest. That was a disappointment.

But luckily since then things have improved. They’ve been playing it more and more, so I don’t feel like I just wasted hundreds of dollars. Whew!

But now that I had a Wii, I thought I’d look into the games some more (though I already had a general idea) to see if there’s anything that I would want to play. I know lots of people love the Mario games like Mario Kart, but they’ve never held my interest. I’ll play them, but only because we’re at Steve’s that evening and everyone else likes playing them. (Sorry Steve.)

So anyway, I’ve searched far and wide, and I found only one Wii title (that’s not available on my PS3) that piqued my interest. Boom Blox! That game looks like a lot of fun. I’ll give it a rent, and if I like it, I might just pick it up.

Now I need to find a game or two that my daughters (7 and 5, both with a low tolerance for failure) and son (2) will enjoy…

  • hobbes

    good luck, let me know if you find a game that’s fun. Zelda became a laboreous work project after 10hrs.

    I really am not sure what they are doing with the games

  • Samus

    I have had similarly negative feelings about the games lineup on the Wii, but one title definitely stands out: Metroid Prime. Definitely worth a look if you’re stuck for something interesting on the console. It can’t match the visuals of COD4 and other PS3 games, but it’s an excellent game.

  • Watcher

    One thing that 360 and PS3 has in common as oppose to the Wii is that the former two cater to older, hardcore gamers. The Wii leans towards casual, social, and first time gamers. It’s rare that a gamer of the former or latter would be able to equally enjoy games of both types. It happens, but quite rarely.

    I used to be a big Nintendo fan, but that was before the days of PS and Xbox. As I got older, so did my taste in games and thus, I find it very difficult to enjoy Mario, Zelda, and 90% of Nintendo’s games these days. I tend to gravitate to games with darker and more serious themes. There is also the fact that I’m a tech buff, so I care more about game graphics, HD, DvD, Blu-ray, online, etc a lot more now than I used to.

    I hope you find games to enjoy with the Wii, but don’t feel bad if you don’t. After all you bought if for the kids.

  • Ryan

    Alot of buddies rave about No more Heroes. Made by Killer 7 peeps.

  • The Claw

    Echoing what Samus said; get Metroid Prime: Corruption. It’s the Wii’s greatest technical achievement up to this point and, along with Mario Galaxy, it’s without a doubt one of the best games on the Wii.

    Also, if you are into BoomBlox you might also want to check out Elebits. Elebits has similar physics-based gameplay where you destroy rooms, houses, and neighborhoods looking for Elebits. It also has four player multiplayer and a level editor.

  • Stormy24

    Oops, I must be on the wrong blog. First this guy talks about how bored he is with the PS3, then we get a play by play of his Wii purchase.

    Unbookmarked. Goodbye

  • Goodbye. Ooops. I guess you’re not reading this anymore.

  • Jebus, Stormy, c’mon! Whether we like them or not, fact is that there are other systems out there, and some people do own more than one.

    Is it really that big a deal that Henning gives us his opinion on the system?

    Personally, having owned a Gamecube and due to the fact that the Wii isn’t much of an improvement, there’s no way I’d touch one with someone else’s 10ft barge pole – but that doesn’t mean they can’t give their opinion on it.

    Simple fact of the matter is that this is not an official site – it’s a blog about the world of PS3. If the blog owner buys a Wii, he’s perfectly entitled to give an opinion on it. Same if he should decide to buy a 360. Personally, I welcome the opinions of others – they won’t change my mind that the PS3 is the only system that I need, but I welcome them all the same.

  • Trieloth

    If Monster Hunter comes out on the Wii I will gladly trade my 360 for a Wii in a heart beat but until then no Thanks.

  • Darrin

    Stormy, it’s not like we’ve been skimping on the pro-PS3 posts. How about some comments in those?

  • James Bryan

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a good multiplayer game. No real story or anything, just a good old fashioned kid friendly fighting game with lots of Nintendo icons (and Sonic and Solid Snake lol). Worth a rent at least. I have Gamefly’s 3 game plan. There’s also the shopping channel where you can get the new wiiware games as well as old classics from NES, SNES, Genesis, etc such as one of my old faves, Renegade for nes 😛

  • mcloki

    I too got a wii back in March. I’m underwhelmed to say the least. Mario Galaxy is nice, but i can’t help but think, What would Ratchet and Clank or Jak and Daxter do with this on a PS3 and a wiimote? Crush them. The engine can already handle it. The graphics make this a system that is going to be replaced in a year or two. It’s nice to have, I have a niece and nephew and they may want to jump around while playing the games, but i don’t. I do like the wii fit aspect of it though. That may be worth a look.
    And the graphics, they burn my eyes. So sad really.

  • JimmyStewart

    I bought a Wii just after launch and have yet to find much use for it. I had a blast playing through Super Paper Mario… but other than that it’s mostly used when we have guests over. My wife’s mom really seems to love Wii Sports bowling. I haven’t even turned on my Wii since February of this year and that was only to download a USB keyboard update. I’ve been thinking about turning it on again to look at the WiiWare but so far I haven’t mustered up the interest.

    But I still hold out hope. Originally when I bought the PS3 I felt the same way. There was little that interested me to play it and I rarely turned it on except to watch Blu-Rays. Then came Divx support and it soon replaced my 360 as my media hub. Slowly but surely a handful of games have been following. Right now I’m pretty obsessed with PixelJunk Monsters. My wife and I have been destroying the co-op mode. Even though I’m still mostly playing retail games on the 360 the PS3 has really snuck in there. I think MS has slowed down a lot and this could be the year I jump on the Playstation bandwagon. I have no regrets in buying either system… the Wii on the other hand is still waiting to demonstrate a use in our house for basically anything.

    On a side note… is it just me or is their Wii Store oversaturated with somewhat expensive roms. I did buy the original Paper Mario to play but over all I have no desire to pick up these games again. At least on the 360 you get achievements and on the PS3 and 360 there’s usually some form of online play or updated graphics. On the Wii it’s like a simple rom… nothing new added and seemingly little quality control. For every great must own game, there’s about 10 or 20 I’ve never even heard of. Hopefully Wii-Ware will turn out better.