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Haze: Terrible? |

IGN actually gave this a 4.5. From the previews and playing through the demo, Haze seemed like a playable but thoroughly mediocre entry in the most overcrowded genre in video games right now. But still, 4.5 is pretty low on the game review curve. Even though I was suspecting mediocrity, that’s a pretty terrible score. Then again, the last time I remember them scoring a game this badly was Lair, and that definitely deserved it.


The Free Radical dev team definitely has a good reputation and I’ve enjoyed TimeSplitters games in the past. Has anyone out there tried Haze and enjoyed it?

  • Gary

    I played the demo (both single player and co-op) and really enjoyed it but if more reviews are as bad as IGN’s (who I don’t trust anyway) then I won’t end up getting it.

  • mpz

    Well, it is IGN – is it any surprise? On a power-trip again to try to sink another game. Sow some seeds of doubt, start a ‘meme’ happening. Bunch of wankers.

  • freedesign

    i played the demo: and was overloaded with a bucket of meh

  • HachiRoku

    I really liked the demo. The 4-player co-op is such a blast! If my other friends get it, then I will too – for sure! (hopefully this review won’t sway their decision)

  • Remember Goldeneye, which is regarded by many to be a classic?

    That only got 4/10 when it was released. Check out

  • Darrin

    I’d be the first to jump down IGN’s throats for a bad review and criticize the hivemind mentality of gamers, but I suspect that IGN is at least close on this one. From the demo it seemed more like a 6.5 than a 4.5, but that’s still not good enough to be worth even a rental (from a time perspective). The market is flooded with this same type of shooter. I haven’t even finished the short campaign to Call of Duty 4, and there are too many other great recent PS3 releases to bother with mediocre ones.

    OTOH, the co-op sounds like fun if you are into that. I would play this over several other titles that got much higher scores. But I’ve still got plenty of better games to fill my play time.

  • While I’d agree that the game is sub par IGN do this to some average games. God knows why.

    They’ve been known to review early ‘non reviewable’ builds as final versions to get their reviews out sooner, then refuse to go back on things which have been improved, because it would damage their ‘integrity’. Bunch of pricks.

  • JimmyStewart

    I don’t know. 4.5 seemed about right to me based upon the demo. It seemed like if they polished the game a little bit it could be about average. Most of the gameplay just felt recycled or broken to me. But this is coming from a guy who didn’t appreciate Resistance all that much. Resistance seemed like a pretty average game to me. Maybe I just can’t appreciate shooters on the PS3. I still have hopes for KillZone2 (even though I hated the first one) and Resistance 2. The FPS genre might be crowded else where… but I’m still waiting for a PS3 fps exclusive to wow me in any way. Looks like I’ll be waiting till closer to November.

  • I wasn’t overwhelmed by the demo, but I don’t think it rates a score as low as 4.5.

  • Trieloth

    IGN??? hahahahaha they know how to get in the spotlight dont they…Iam sure glad I can make decisions on my own.

  • M

    Kind of a bummer, since this is one of only a few PS3 exclusives. FPS seems pretty played out, although I’m psyched for RFOM 2. Right now I’m still working on GTAIV, but a little worried there won’t be anything good coming out between now and the end of the year — what is everyone else excited about? I’m not particularly a MGS fan, but maybe will give it a try. Is it going to be anything new or just the same old stuff?

  • Jim

    The demo was nothing special, so IGN are aroundabout on par with that score.

  • It was on my to play list, I guess I’ll wait and sit this one out a bit before I purchase

  • Kaddas

    Thats Sounds bad to me,,, What Would happened If Free Radical read this paragraph?

    That being said, you are going to have to put up with some extremely weak visuals within Haze. There is a litany of problems with the game, from the odd warping of allied soldiers that blink into view suddenly at arbitrary checkpoints to poor texture work. Many of the environmental textures are generic and weak, and you’ll frequently see seams or tearing constantly pop up within the game, which distracts from the action onscreen. The worst example of this has to be the visuals for the flamethrower, the Dragon de la Gente, which vomits a horrid cone of supposed flame that looks visually on par with what you’d find from the 386 PC days 15 years ago”

  • Trigga_Tybalt

    it seems like this game has not lived up to the hype. shame but at least we have resistance and killzone 2s to look forward to.

    lets hope FR will get back on form with the next timesplitters.

  • Trieloth

    I have it and played it..yea bought and payed for it.. the game is alot of fun and it seems like the reveiwers are talking out of there ass as usual. Dont listen to the Halo lovers.

  • AbdulElah

    I agree with Trieloth… he said it all