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Guitar Hero World Tour: Rock Band Clone? |

Yesterday, Guitar Hero World Tour was officially debuted. It will be out in Fall for PS3 and most other major systems.

Main features are:

  • Multiple Instruments: Drum kit and microphone in addition to lead/bass guitar.
  • More flexible, expanded career/world tour mode
  • Expanded group play and multiplayer options
  • Ability to compose new songs

The first thing running through everyone’s mind is, “Wow, that is exactly what Harmonix did with Rock Band after finishing Guitar Hero 2”. This isn’t even subtle, it’s blatant imitation. OK, Rock Band doesn’t have cymbals on the drum kit, and you can’t compose new songs (not yet, but Harmonix has been publicly planning the same thing for their upcoming titles). But wow, those changes are eerily identical to Rock Band.


There are many obvious additions and popular feature requests to the genre that haven’t been done by anyone. The music/rhythm genre is still new and uncharted territory compared to something like the 3D shooter genre. This should be pioneer country where developers are breaking new ground rather than focusing on large scale imitation.

  • hobbes

    activision can stop it already. I will never buy this game, unless it works with rock band instruments, but we all know it won’t. Like i said, Guitar hero can go burn. Activision boycott continues..

  • I do not feel the need to buy this game

  • Gibb

    strange.. I thought GH4 didn’t included vocals.. did they change their mind?
    hopefully it’s EU version will be cheaper then RB.

  • Darrin

    I don’t plan to buy this game either. I already have Rock Band, so there would be no point. But I’m not going to get worked up about it or start a ban or hold a grudge.

  • I agree wholeheartedly with this article. Guitar Hero is loosing momentum with every press release.

  • Now that I have Rock Band I never play Guitar Hero.