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In-Game XMB Finally Coming? |

NeoGAF says it, and it points to this Gaming Age article. And now it’s spreading all over the place. Another rumour about PS3 in-game XMB, and it’s supposedly coming soon. Like, June soon. In firmware 2.30 2.40.

Not only that, but this rumoured firmware update will support universal friend lists (whatever that means), soundtracks, and of course the in-game XMB. Edit: and trophies! Darrin: I don’t remember reading that before for this firmware update.

Anyone believe these rumours this time?

Edit 2: So what’s the deal with universal friends lists? What is it? Access to the friends list from any game? But wouldn’t that automatically be included in the “in-game XMB” category? Is there more to it than that? I have no idea…

  • Hmmm, but I already have 2.3^^ I actually have 2.35 😛

    You meant 2.40, didn’t ya^^

  • Darrin

    This isn’t a rumor, it’s old news from Sony:

    “Our momentum will continue with the introduction of in-game communication in the summer, firmware update 2.4…”

    I don’t think there have been any changes or recent developments on this.

  • Meresin

    Word is that developers are starting to receive tools for handling in-game XMB and trophies. I have a feeling that this rumor is going to be proven fact fairly soon.

  • Sporty

    Yea this has been a rumor for a few weeks. Suppose to launch just before MSG4.
    But today it was actually confirmed by several devs.

    Darrin, what I think what’s new was that we know In-Game XMB was coming in the summer. Now we know it’s coming in about 2 weeks. Suppose to be dropping before MGS4 so before the 12th. Along with other features.

    I really need to get Uncharted played to see what trophies they unlock in that game.

    Should be getting another update in July.

  • Carl;)G

    When it comes out i’ll download it!;-D Sounds good;)

  • ehandlr

    videogaming247 reported it first…it was confirmed by several devs on neogaf and joystiq said that their inside sources confirmed it as well. So its coming…just when? My guess is with MGS4.

  • AbdulElah

    this is going to me cool.. can’t wait for it 🙂

  • Jason

    Does anyone know if “In-Game XMB” means we can have an open voice chat with anyone on our friends list while we’re playing games together? For instance, games that do not have built in support for voice chat.

  • Trieloth

    I think universal friend list means you can look at your buddys friend list and send them invites to your list. Just like the 360 :(.

  • Trigga_Tybalt

    cool although i’ll believe it when i see it. now gotta get myself a headset!

  • In-Game XMB and Trophies are very true. I’ve seen it via webcam. That is all 😉

  • Trigga_Tybalt

    Tosh! how can you say that is all? i have been seeing posts on NeoGAF from developers saying there are some more surprises too. any ideas?

  • He was just showing me on a PS3 test unit, so that’s all he really showed me. So not sure about the other stuff.