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The Most Addictive Game Ever |

I am of course talking about PixelJunk Monsters and the expansion PJM Encore. It has to be the most addictive game I’ve ever played.

I had never played a tower defence game before so when I downloaded the demo from the Japanese PS Store ages ago, I wasn’t expecting much but it had me hooked straight away. I’ve even been playing this more than MGS4! 🙂

It’s one of the best games available on the PS3 (including all disc based games, not just games available on the PSN) along with Super Stardust: HD.

I’m currently on a mission to get all Rainbows on every stage! I haven’t felt the need to master any game for a long time but I need to get all the Rainbows on all stages.

I just have 2 left to get on PJM and 3 on PJM Encore.

It’s such a simple game yet it’s superb fun. It can be played in bursts or in a mammoth session which is always great. The problem with MGS4 is that I can’t save at any moment so I’ve been limited to when I can play it and PJM has been great for those times when I have had 30mins free here and there.

If you haven’t bought it or if you have but you’re wondering if PJM Encore is worth getting, then I would highly recommend both.

You get 15 new stages in Encore and it’s a lot harder than PJM. There are some hellish stages. 🙂

There’s also a nice surprise when you complete all stages on Encore but I won’t spoil it.

The only gripe I have at the moment is that your friends’ total scores for the Island on PJM aren’t available, so you can’t compare total scores like you can on Encore. I hope this is updated in the future.

PixelJunk Monsters Website for scoring tips

  • Darrin

    If I was a publisher or involved with financing games, I would have churned out a dozen of these things. They are absurdly simple to develop, and can be done on short schedules with average dev teams, and people love them. In about two years, people will be sick of these things, but they need to strike while the iron is hot.

    As a gamer, I love these in a relaxing mindless sort of way, and I’d happily buy more.

    As an admirer of games as a craft and as a serious career programmer, this is trendy popular junk. In music, the parallel to this is all those terrible Disney channel music bands that dominate the minds of 8-12 year olds.

  • Have you bought Encore?

    You don’t have any scores on Encore.

  • Sporty

    PJM SS:HD and Everyday shooter to a lesser extent are extremely addictive. I can throw one on and next thing I know an hour has passed.

    I haven’t tried Encore yet, kinda afraid too since I don’t have the free time just now. I got Solo pack for SSHD and Echochrome but have been on MGS4 and EQ2 lately. Still have a ton of back catalog games also…

  • Darrin

    I haven’t played Encore. I made it part way through the hard levels in the original game and it’s pretty damned hard.

    SS:HD and Everyday Shooter are great, but they aren’t endlessly addicting like these tower defense games.

  • Samus

    Great stuff Gary! I absolutely agree about PixelJunk Monsters being addictive – both in single player and co-op games. I really need to get a bit further with it, but am always struggling for time. I’m not sure which I prefer out of Stardust and PJM though… possibly Stardust still. PJM would win if you could play online co-op though.

  • Gary

    Thanks Samus! I think Stardust is a better experience for me thanks to customisable soundtracks and the music in the game but it would be great if both games could add online co-op in the future. Both are excellent games in their own right.

    I just need 2 more Rainbows on both PJM and Encore. So hard though. 🙂

    Darrin, if you think the Hard stages are tough in PJM, wait until you play the Easy stages on Encore.

  • Can’t stand these games myself…

  • Gary

    nOob! 😈

  • :-p

  • JimmyStewart

    I couldn’t possibly agree more. My wife and I have been addicted to this game for a while. The co-op is great. I originally downloaded it for her to try. She’s a huge fan of LocoRoco and Katamari so I figured it would be something she’s like. Boy was I right! What I didn’t expect was that I too would become sucked in.

    We bought Encore the day it came out but we’ve been putting off playing it. We’ve had so much fun with the game we’re scared to burn through the rest of it too quickly. We did manage to score rainbows in every level on PJM and we’re hoping to do the same with Encore. Now that we finished up all the achievements in Lego Indy we’ll probably come back to finish it up.

    What I really want to know is how did the company behind PixelJunk Monsters create PixelJunk Racers? We bought it just to show the company support and it is slightly more fun than it originally looked… but I just can’t believe the people involved in Racers had anything to do with Monsters. I’m fairly excited to give Eden a try. Especially since towards the end of Monsters we starting including friends to help back seat drive… so an engrossing three player game could work just as well! I’m still not entirely sold though and I wish instead they focus on Monsters 2!