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CoD5 to have Splitscreen Co-op with Perks |

Co-optimus is reporting that “the 360 and PS3 version [of CoD5] will also feature a 2-player offline splitscreen mode. If that wasn’t cool enough in it’s own right, we’ve learned that the co-op mode will feature the same addictive Perks System that made Call of Duty 4 so popular.

Now that is cool news. My friend Steve and I play a lot of co-op games and just finished Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (anyone want to trade for Army of Two?). So I’m really looking forward to playing through the campaign with perks with a friend. Great stuff.

Not only that, but PS3Fanboy is reporting that the game will have 4 player local co-op! I don’t know where they get that information from, though, because the press release (available at Co-optimus, linked below) mentions nothing about that. So I don’t think that this particular rumour is true.

Anyway. Good times are a comin’!

Call of Duty World at War Co-Op Details Emerge

  • Trigga_Tybalt

    i added a comment to a recent resistence 2 post about the co-op as i thought you would like that 😉 not sure about this game yet but gotta love that cod4 engine such a smooth frame rate. 🙂

  • Spectator

    I’m so tired of the whole World War 2 thing. After CoD4 and modern combat why in the world would they take the series back?? Modern warfare >>>>>>> World War 2. Let’s move on already, I’m skipping this and all future World War 2 fps. It’s been done to death…

  • blakec

    One thing they left out of co-op was a save feature. So, you can play the campaign thru in co-op as long as you can do it in one sitting. Dumbest co-op decision ever.