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PS3 Games to Require Trophies, Eventually |

IGN gives a pretty thorough summary of everything that’s in the new 2.40 firmware update. There’s nothing substantially new there that we haven’t seen in the press release or videos, except for this:

For third-parties, Sony promises that many developers are working to add Trophies into their games for this fall and onward. For the near future, Sony will not require that developers feature Trophy support in their games as some titles may be too far along to easily add them. However, at an undisclosed point in the future, all PlayStation 3 releases will indeed be required to make use of Trophies. We’re hoping that’s sooner than later.

Now that’s news that I like to hear. Frankly, I think that Sony’s approach of letting developers do what they want is only good to a point. There are some games that just have to have certain features, and as far as trophies go, I think that all games should support them. So kudos to Sony for getting this right too. (Frankly, I think that all racing games should support custom soundtracks.)

As a side note, I was surprised by how impressed the IGN folks were with the leveling up system Sony’s implemented. It never occurred to me that having levels might be better than just a total points system. As a big action RPG fan (I cried when I heard Diablo 3’s not coming to consoles), I should have seen the merit right away. Tsk tsk on me.

Firmware 2.40 Impressions

  • Darrin

    I hate that. Give developers the right to opt-out. The developers are in the best position to decide where is best to spend their time/resources. If devs feel that the effort involved with trophies wouldn’t be justified, let them spend their resources elsewhere. The last thing the industry needs is political feature set enforcement on the developers.

  • Gary

    You may have a point with regards to Trophies, Darrin but I feel devs need a massive kick up their collective arses when it comes to comms and other basic options in online multiplayer games.

    I’ve banged on about this before and I won’t stop until more games are at least on a par with Resistance’s online infrastructure.

    The game is coming up to almost 2 years old yet it STILL has the best online infrastructure of any game on the PS3.

    That is an absolute disgrace and something that really annoys the hell out of me and it’s why games like Warhawk, Everybody’s Golf and CoD4 have quickly fallen to one side.

    There’s simply no excuse for crappy comms, lack of squads, mute buttons, stable party and lobbies and in some cases, no comm support at all, in online multiplayer games.

    This is no doubt down to Sony giving devs too much freedom within the PSN rather than forcing them to implement key features that would only make online games more successful.

  • I think alot of devs like Activision would opt-out of including tropies. It’s better to make it a requirement like the achievement system.

  • Good example fleakitten. Activision’s history shows their small regard for the PS3 platform, and they’d be the first to cut corners if not required to.

    We can all see how Microsoft requires certain features of Xbox 360 developers. Can we honestly say that it’s hurt the 360 games or market? I don’t think so. Quite the contrary – I think it’s definitely helped.

  • Darrin

    OK, I will agree that soundtrack and voice chat should be implemented underneath the games at the system level where they don’t require any developer compliance.

    However, I will disagree on trophies. That crosses the line from a system feature to a game feature. Bottom line, you can’t get high game quality through legal and political mandates. It’s ultimately the developer’s job to capture the interest of users and they should have full creative freedoms to reach that goal.

    If enough users actually want trophies, developers will willingly add that. It’s only when the developers believe that their efforts are better spent on other features that they won’t add them.

  • ehandlr

    Many multplatform games are bought on the 360 for achievement purposes alone. This would nullify that argument.

    Through many forums I’ve read…I see “I’ll get it on 360 for achievements”

    So this will only help them sell games for the tiny trophies.

  • What is “enough users”? And who says that they will bend to gamers’ wishes? The industry has EA and Activision, both of whom ignore gamers’ wishes all the time, and get away with it. Some things just have to be mandated. (I can’t believe I’m arguing this way. I’m a big proponent of small government.)

  • Sporty

    Hell I’ve played 360 versions of plenty of games due to achievements. Developers are used to implementing them on the 360 so this system isn’t a whole lot of extra work from the norm.