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Video of Firmware 2.40 Coming Tonight? Yes.

Jeff Rubenstein had this to say on Sony’s PlayStation.Blog:

But because I know what you’re going to ask about, and because we don’t traffic in rumors and/or speculation, I invite you to come back to the Blog tonight (just shy of midnight Pacific). We’ve got a video to show you.

Could it be the video walkthrough of the long awaited Firmware 2.40?

I say yes, yes it is (hopefully 😉 )!!

Video of Firmware 2.40 Coming Tonight?

EDIT: Yup, part 1 is up on the

Part 2 shows how trophies will work.


Bioshock Non-Exclusivity

Today, it’s well known that Bioshock, a spectacular single player shooter, is coming to the PS3

I just noticed an interesting old interview with 2K Game’s Ken Levine on the subject:

Then there is the lingering question of the rumored PS3 version of BioShock found in the PC code. Levine responds quite clearly, “I promise you, there is no secret plan about the PS3 that we’re keeping from people. There’s no PS3 development going on that we’re hiding. There’s lots of stuff that gets into game code, plans change over time and we got an exclusive deal with Microsoft … that’s not a Rosetta Stone discovery.”

Ken Levine’s was so emphatic that the game wasn’t going to the PS3. It’s surprising to read that now that the PS3 version is official. I’m guessing that Ken Levine was doing that for contractual reasons. I suspect that a stipulation of Microsoft’s exclusivity deal with 2K Games was that they were not allowed to hint or suggest of any possibility of a PS3 version to the public so that the gaming community would be completely sure that a PS3 version wouldn’t be coming during the peak times of attention.

In hindsight, I’d even go as far as to say his quote wasn’t altogether truthful. There was a “secret plan” on the PS3 version: I bet that Ken Levine either knew they would likely do a PS3 version in 2008 or that he would renegotiate that issue.


Namco PS3 Exclusive Coming? Tales?


Japanese magazine Famitsu suggests that Namco is working on an unnamed PS3 exclusive, which may be a “Tales” game along with the 360 exclusive “Tales of Vesperia” and the Wii exclusive “Tales Of Symphonia” games. We’ll likely hear more on that at E3.

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New PlayStation Home Video

Honestly it’s hard to stay excited about home when it’s been in Beta for what 1 1/2 – 2 years? They are expanding the closed Beta it in July, so good luck to you all. The Open Beta is November last I heard. I try not to think about it much, to make the wait less painful. E3 will be very interesting this year.


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