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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm has Japanese and English voices!

This was a major selling point for me. If it only had English voices I’d pass. It’s that bad. But they said you can choose either. The demo will be out on Qore July 3rd. I haven’t bought a issue of this just yet. Have you?

But if you can wait until E3 you can download the demo for free then. I’ll think I’ll wait. Skip to the 23:40 mark to watch the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm segment.


Life with PlayStation [Update: Video]

It is basically a interactive globe. You can view current news and weather for places all over the world. Listen to your own music stored on the PS3. I would personally use this from time to time. I hope you can set up certain locations that pull up by default when it launches.

From the rough translation on the site. It seems that the globe will actually display live clouds as the weather changes. More photos at the link below.

PS3 new content “Life” Sony’s first appearance management policies Hirai’s comments at a briefing



Video Downloads this Summer for the US

Video downloads coming this Summer to the US PSN Store – I hope it’s true this time. There is a “leaked” PDF document showing a photo of video downloads. If you zoom in on that there is a search button as well. Which would be very handy at times. This should all be explained in more detail at this years E3 in a few weeks.

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Major Game Titles in FY 2008

This is directly from this presentation from Sony. Fiscal year 2008 is from now up through March 2009.


Two points of interest:

  • White Knight Chronicles is shipping between now and March 2009
  • Afrika is considered a major game (and not a mini-screensaver like Aqua Vita)

I really hope Sony has some real surprises and new game unveilings for us at E3.


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