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Gran Turismo TV

Tomorrow, on Friday, Gran Turismo Prologue gets Gran Turismo TV. This is a series of auto enthusiast video programming that can be purchased for $1-$2/episode.


I know we have some real auto enthusiasts on this site, so I’m curious: Is anyone excited about this? Personally, I don’t see the draw. Most GT fans that I know are excited about many other things, most specifically, having a full version of GT5 with a full selection of cars, tracks, and non-linear game progression modes.

However, Gran Turismo’s fan base has always been split between auto enthusiasts and technology fans and it’s possible that this is intended to appeal more to the former category. It’s also very possible that this is just a nice extra going in on parallel to main development efforts.


Killzone Developer Diary Part II

Pursuant to the first developer diary, here’s a diary entry that a Killzone 2 PS3 developer may (or may not) have sent me:


Ya ya. Well, we are now done with E3, the big American schmooze-fest that the bigwigs at Sony said we had to be at. So we took a cruise across an ocean or two and tada, 14 days and 63 beers later (each) we were there.

Did we get a big showing at the press conference? No no no, alas we weren’t in the big press conference. Instead Sony tipped their collective hats to our American compadres at Insomniac. You know, because their game is releasing this fall, and ours in February. Theirs need the attention, ours doesn’t. The marketing, you know. Na na nana nya nya. Whatever. We all know that Resistance 2 is gonna be great, they’re our best buddies across the pond, we don’t compete with them, we play their stuff, they play ours, we share technology, blah blah blah.

You want the truth? Killzone 2 is gonna kick some collective @$$. It’s gonna be better than Resistance 2, better than Halo 2, better than Gears 2. Big bulky battle suits are so 2007. Aliens? Who needs ’em? Human versus highly-modified (maybe I guess because we put the Helghast inside those cool glowing-eyes uniforms so you can’t really tell if they look any different than the normal human or not and I ain’t gonna tell you if we resolve this in Killzone 2 or the sequel (oops, I didn’t say that) or not so you’ll just have to keep on guessing) is where it’s at baby!

We got revolvers. We got machine guns. We got bullets. We got the rat-tat-tat sound down to a TEE man. We recorded a machine gun with 359 microphones (one malfunctioned) placed all around it and recorded those sounds and encrypted them into the game so that no matter what angle you’re approaching an enemy at (except from below at a 30 degree angle), you’re hearing the right sound! In full 7.1 surround sound, FTW! Woo hoo!

Yeah, so, The sound’s gonna be the table’s legs man. (I hope you know that expression over there in America. It means good things. You know the legs hold up the table. Good stuff.) But the graphics are good too! You all seen them, right? We actually built some sets for reference, and just scanned ’em right in. Who needs Maya? Well, ya, we do. But still, the sets were scanned in and that’s why they look so realistic. We couldn’t of course, create all the sets for all the levels, just a few reference ones. But it helped a lot, and they’ll be used in the movie.

What else?

Badges! Right, Badges! That was a dumb name. I thought of a great new name all by myself. It fit perfectly with how “Badges” were supposed to be used. So I tried convincing Steven and Mathijs to call them … wait for it … “Perks”! Yay! But they said something about something where something is something and so: bad. My bad. Can’t call them Perks. I’ll tell ya, my girlfriend got an earful that evening!

Nya well, that’s about it. Sorry for the short update. The game is actually done. We’re not doing anything now except playing PixelJunk Eden demo and wondering if we’ll ship any new maps after the game is released. So see ya next time, maybe I’ll do a postmortem.


PS3 Outsells 360 in Canada in first half 2008

In the first half of 2008 in Canada, the PS3 outsold the 360 170k to 129k. For once us Canadians get it right! 🙂

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What The? PS3 Earns More for EA than 360

EA let loose some financials yesterday, and the results are very interesting. EA’s software sales for the PS3 between April and June 2008 increased 969% over the same period last year. The PS3 is now EA’s biggest source of gold since the beginning of 2008.

Dollar earnings per console during the quarter:

PS3 – 139 million
PC – 86 million
360 – 81 million
PS2 – 79 million
PSP – 57 million
Wii – 57 million
mobile – 44 million
DS – 21 million

The remarkable things to me are that EA didn’t publish any big title or PS3 exclusive, and that the PS3’s installed base is lower than the 360’s. Where’s all this money come from? I’d like to see a breakdown of which games helped out PS3’s huge share. And does this mean that EA will pay attention to us PS3 owners a bit more? How about giving us some timed exclusives?

PS3 games earn big bucks for EA News

Update: reading the results, it looks like these were the releases in the quarter for the PS3:

Battlefield: Bad Company

And for the 360:

Battlefield: Bad Company
Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath


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