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Poll: How Will You Use Trophies? |

One of the things I really dislike about Achievements on the 360 is how my friend keeps talking about them as if they were the second coming or something. (Sorry Todd.) I didn’t see why gaining Achievements was important. Isn’t a game for having fun? Why artificially change the way you play in order to unlock an Achievement that in the end doesn’t really mean anything?

Now the PS3 has its own version of Achievements call Trophies. You can get bronze, silver, gold, and platinum trophies in games that support them. The developer has a certain number of trophy points to allocate for a given type of game, and they can allocate them how they wish. More bronze, more silver, whatever. A gamer gets a platinum trophy for unlocking all the other trophies in a game. All these trophies go towards a total trophy score, which will determine when you level up to the next level. It sounds like a cool system, and the guys at IGN at least seem to think that it’s superior to the 360’s system.


I think it’ll be cool to check what trophies I’ve earned, but I don’t think I’ll check the non-earned trophies and go out of my way to earn them. But that’s just me. πŸ™‚ And who knows? Maybe I’ll get hooked on them. I’ll try to do a follow-up post in a couple months if I change my mind. (Tosh already told me that he would try to earn more on purpose.)

How are you going to use trophies?

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Previous poll results:

Are you buying MGS4?

* Yes, right away.: 61% (169)
* Yes, soon.: 15% (42)
* Yes, later.: 13% (37)
* No.: 11% (31)

Total Votes : 279

Wow! Fully 89% of you will buy (or have already bought) MGS4! Quite impressive.

  • I’ll try to get the trophies I know I could get. But I don’t think I’ll get a platinum trophie though. I don’t have any skilled SSHD players in the house πŸ˜›

  • After my crazed one man pursuit of getting all the Rainbows on PJM Encore (single player btw), I think I’ll try to get as many trophies as possible.

    If PJM did get Trophies but they weren’t retroactive, I will NOT replay every stage again just to get a trophy!

  • I was never interested in Acheivments, and am not particularly bothered about Trophies either. The only game I’ll be replaying any time soon is Uncharted – but I’d do that anyway, regardless of Trophies.

    I’d rather developers put less effort into hiding things in the game, and more effort into lengthening the storylines and actual gameplay. I’d much prefer to have another few hours of actual gameplay, than spend that time searching levels I’ve already seen for things I don’t care about.

  • Darrin

    I think the achievements/trophies concept is pretty lame myself. I love games, they are fun and interesting. But if I collect every last bolt/coin/doodad in a game, that’s more of a nerdy waste of time than something I’m proud of and want to show off to my friends.

    Those voting choices are quite biased though.

  • How so?

  • Trophies are a great way to expand on the gameplay of a given game. INstead of just zerg rushing through a game, this lets the developers have you try something different. Everyone needs clues to do a little exploring in a game. Achievements have been in games since the beginning. Every since you got a bonus for hitting the UFO in Space invaders to Avoiding the lightning 200 times in FFX. Now this is just a way to track things you’ve done. Since the world has gone online. You can brag to your friends overseas. Instantly. I think people will get into them. I’ve gone through R&C three times already. I’d love the chance to let Insomniac tell me you can beat a level with only the wrench. It’s difficult, but worth it. I get a prize but also an experience that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own and I get a carrot for trying and succeeding.
    It also does one thing for developers. It makes you keep the game longer. I’ve already seen MGS and GTA4 in the used games stores. If these trophies keep games out of resale store for even a week that will mean more sales for the developers. DLC works the same way. And at the end of the day i don’t begrudge Insomniac trying to make more money. Just keep making great games.

  • Trigga_Tybalt

    i’ll be actively pursuing all the trophies in every game i own. i’m quite OCD so i’m gonna go ahead and blame it on that. impressive amounts of mgs buyers here πŸ™‚

  • Nash

    I agree that games are more about having fun than bragging that you’re better than somebody else. I like the idea of recognition for doing something cool, but I hate the stupid things like beating a level. I think people are going to play stupid games like Barbies Big Adventure just to get their total gamer level to go up and brag about it. Good for Sony for adding them though, it’s gonna raise sales to people who base their decisions for buying on achievements.

  • Gary

    Spot on mcloki. Trophies will make you play a game a little bit differently to how you usually would.

    The Rainbows in PJM are exactly the same as a Trophy, so this kind of little extra motivation to continue playing a game longer than you normally would is a good thing.

    I already think that Trophies are a good thing for PS3 gamers and I’m really looking forward to seeing how future games implement them.

    Oh and Darrin, by your definition I’m a nerd for getting all the Rainbows on PJM Encore and I’m damn proud of that achievement. πŸ˜‰

    Nerds unite!! 8)

  • I’ll definitly try the trophies, but I won’t grind a game 24hours just to get one extra unlock

  • Solid_Nat

    I will play the game and if i get a trophy on the way great, i will probably check the list once i have finished the game and go back to certain parts to earn that particular trophy.

    As for SS:HD i only got past the fist planet a few months ago, tried again last night and i just don’t have the right amount of twitch to beat most levels on this game…must try harder!

    Must say i am glad that Burnout and Warhawk will be dishing trophies out retrospectively as i have earned a lot in these games and wouldn’t want to start again….much like Gary and PJM!

  • ehandlr

    I generally only go after the attainable trophies that aren’t leagues outside of the normal gameplay. It did make me turn on SSHD and play for a few hours though.

  • Encore is still kicking my ass. But I do enjoy the fact that I cannot beat he game. But I stopped playing it as my nightly break to try and get a few achievements (trophies in SSHD). What a great game. I’m glad it brought me back to playing and I see The Wretched has beat my score so that will be my summer goal to get back on top. See trophies promote gameplay.

  • I would like to pawn my trophies for …..