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Rock Band 2 Details |

Here’s the full interview from Associated Press. Quick overview:

  • Same general game structure, but polished and refined.
  • New and improved instruments, while compatible with Rock Band 1 instruments.
  • Music creation elements will come later, after Rock Band 2
  • All Rock Band 1 DLC will be fully compatible with Rack Band 2


MTV executive Toffler talked about broadening the musical genres available:

“I’m personally excited to open up the genres of music to country, hip-hop and R&B.”

The limitation with changing genres is the instruments. Hip hop and R&B don’t use much guitar, but they do use piano and most country music doesn’t use drums but does use violins or harmonicas. I’d love to see them move away from the fixed guitar/drum/vocal model and allow for more flexible instrument selections. I’d also hope they allow users to play jazz, classical, techno, and various types of world music.

“With the original ‘Rock Band,’ the focus was on innovation,” Harmonix co-founder and CEO Alex Rigopulos told The Associated Press. “With ‘Rock Band 2,’ the focus is on perfection of the experience. We’ve had a year to listen to our fans and build out the scope, depth and polish of the experience, so it feels like a second-generation band game.”

I’d argue that Rock Band simply fleshed out the concepts of the original Guitar Hero game.

Better instrument hardware, more refined game elements, and the possibility of more genres? That sounds perfect. Now, if only they add MIDI keyboard support.

Anyone have any feature requests that they seem to be missing out on?

  • I was hoping for at least some music creation abilities. Even Frequency, that old PS2 game by Harmonix, had the ability to remix a song. Sounds to me like this version of the game is falling prey to EA’s game-a-year mantra.

  • Darrin

    Harmonix has put out a new game every single year since 2001 with the one exception of 2002. And many of those have been iterative sequels. This is long before EA was involved so you can’t blame them.

    Now, the brief 360 exclusivity window… EA may be responsible for that. So far, EA has had several 360 exclusive and many 360-first titles, but never a single PS3 exclusive or PS3 first title.

  • I would be really into a MIDI interface. I’ve got a few MIDI instruments collecting dust right now, it would be awesome to hook them up to the PS3.

    One thing that I like about singstar is the ability to record and upload the session, that would be a good feature for rock band as well.

  • elmernator

    when i beat a dlc song it doesn’t save my score and stars