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Resistance 2 Promo Video |

There is a new Resistance 2 promo video, Project Abraham online starring Battlestar Galactica actress Katee Sackhoff.


I have to admit, I don’t understand this video at all.

(thanks to everyone in the shoutbox)

  • ehandlr

    all we know is the morse code spells out “BLACKOUT”…which led go the site which makes no gosh darn sense.

  • Sporty

    From the blackout site on what i’ve seen and read on other forums is

    Hale is 2nd from the left and the window on the left has what could be a chimera in it.

    But seems we’re still missing something. Probably Starbuck telling us that hale is the final Cylon 🙂

  • Trigga_Tybalt

    i’m loving this viral advertising. you can also use this site which i posted in the shoutbox too;
    make sure you click on all the stuff on the desk.

    i’m a sucker for this shit. all this mystery is getting me pumped. its like cloverfield all over again. 😀

  • It looks like there’s a face in the wood under the stain. I took a screenshot of the stain and played around with the picture in Photoshop, there is definitely something there, but it’s hard to make it out.

    Here are the links for the images I worked on:

    If anyone else has photoshop, try to play around with the original picture which I uploaded here:

  • Going from left to right, guys #2 & #3 don’t look like ‘real’ people. The faces both look like CGI.

  • Apparently, when you call the number from the cards on the desk at you’ll hear a recruitment message. You can either call the number or listen to the message here.