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Cagney Update Available to Download Now |

The latest update for Burnout Paradise is available to download now. Version 1.30, otherwise known as Cagney, is a whopping 385MB.

The best thing about this update is custom soundtrack support! It’s going to give Burnout Paradise a new lease of life in my PS3.

I’ve barely played it the past couple of months but I’m going to be spending a lot more time in Paradise now, thanks to custom soundtracks! 8)

Click here for the full lowdown on what else is in the Cagney update.

  • They’ve gave the start up menu a new look. Very cool!

  • I’ll check it out briefly, btw I’m going to the USA & Canada for three weeks this saturday. Check out my google map to see the tour. If I’m around your area, let me know, perhaps we can go get a bite to eat or just a quick drink.

  • Shame I’ll be in the UK where I live. Hehe.

    Hope you have a great time. I’m going to NYC later this year.

    BTW, they’ve added some new tracks to the Burnout Soundtrack. Moonlight Sonata FTW!!

  • JimmyStewart

    Bah! I don’t think posts like these should be made yet… I’ve got to wait till the end of July to get the update on the 360. I guess something went wrong during approval. We’ve been watching anxiously for these updates. I can’t believe how well these guys are taking care of this game and their fans. I’m really excited to give it a try… how do the other features work out? And to think this is only the beginning. They’ve already promised in future updates to add motorcycles, day/night driving, weather and IIRC a whole new island to drive on! More updates than some full fledged sequels get.

    Ah well, don’t gloat too much about getting it early or I’ll have to start gloating about having custom soundtracks in all the 360 games! 😉 I’m trying to tell myself it’s going to be a good end of July weekend… I’m also looking forward to 1942 to relive some of the old Nintendo days. Should be a good weekend.

  • Not really bothered about the other features. I’ve got what I wanted (custom soundtracks).

    One thing to note, when you press the PS button for XMB access, the game doesn’t automatically pause like it does in SS: HD.

  • I love the new main menu when you boot up. I haven’t tried it yet though, just updated before work today.