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Metal Gear Online Gene Expansion Details |

There is a new mode called survival. While in survival mode you can earn Reward Points which can be used to buy gear for your character. You even get a extra character slot with this update. So if you want to create a lady character go for it.

Meryl and Johnny will now be in MGO too. Each have there own unique skills. You can’t manually choose to be them, it will be random just like Snake and the MKII.

Here are the new maps:

Coppertown Conflict / City of Sorrow

Tomb of Tubes / Underground Waterway

Virtuous Vista / South America Power Station

What I would love to see is a Shadow Moses level in MGO 🙂

And just in case you didn’t know they recently updated MGO with another game mode a couple weeks ago called Team Sneaking. If your the sneaking team it’s quite a challenge, but very fun. Check it out.

Also if you ever create a game make sure to enable ghost pranks! Good times 😀


  • Darrin

    Pics look awesome. My PS3 optical drive is hosed or I’d be playing MGSO now.

  • Trigga_Tybalt

    ghost pranks?!!1! do tell!

    i can’t get into MGO. takes too long to get through the menus and setting up it becomes frustrating. i tried to add another member on here. we spent 2 hours and got nowhere. its ridiculous.

  • Ghost pranks only work in the Rescue Mission and .. I think the Team Sneak too.

    Basically when you die you turn into a ghost. Your preselected messages are all ????? now and when you select one you make a ghostly noise that everyone can hear. For example one is (yooouuure nexxxt) You can knock on walls. CQC other ghosts.

    I like to stand in front of opponents sniping so it makes it harder for them 😛

    You can still do voice chat so you can help your team out. Tell them where enemies are, if the coast is clear, etc, etc. VERY FUN! 🙂

    This option was in the original MGS3 Online and I soo glad them kept it in.

  • Trigga_Tybalt

    wow that sounds awesome. too bad i’m waiting for the official sony headset to make full use of it. (anyone else looking forward to that headset?)

    oh a shadow moses map is a no brainer.

  • Jason

    I just finished MGS4 and loved it so I thought I jump online and try it out. The concept of creating two additional online accounts is ludicrous and completely killed my impulse to try it out. I probably won’t give it a try until they come to their senses and simplify the process.

  • Sometimes I create a room called “GHOST BATTLE!!” look for it sometimes 🙂