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Microsoft E3 Surprises |

In general, Microsoft events are best left to other sites (here is a good one), but two of Microsoft’s announcements were quite a surprise and worth discussing here.

Final Finatasy XIII

FFXIII is no longer PS3 exclusive and will be simultaneously released on both PS3 and 360. This title was long rumored as one of the PS3’s last huge third party exclusives along with MGS4 (which so far, has remained exclusive). On the bright side, it still ships for PS3. Also, while discussing Star Ocean and Last Remnant, Microsoft and Square avoided saying that they would be exclusive which is a strong sign that a PS3 version may be a possibility. Also, Level 5’s White Knight Story is being published by Sony so there is little chance of losing that exclusive. Hopefully, there will be more good news tomorrow.

UPDATE: Square Enix says that FFXIII will initially be developed and released for PS3 only in Japan only. Then they will do the westernized version and 360 version. This suggests that the 360 version may be western-only and may not come out in Japan, although that isn’t completely clear from the wording that is used.



Netflix has long had a Internet movie streaming service for Windows PCs. Now, you will be able to use a 360 as well, which is nicer since 360s tend to be setup in living rooms where people generally watch movies. Netflix has a formidable movie selection, so this is a useful service. Some sites are reporting the Netflix/360 deal is “exclusive”, which would mean that Netflix would not be coming to the PS3 (of course, this isn’t fully exclusive since the PC already does this and they intend to support Macs as well). Sony is launching their movie service soon as well. We shall see how these different services compare.

  • vipul

    I am somewhat disappointed by the news.

    —-IT’s still is coming to PS3 tho.
    —Versus FFX13 is still confirmed a exclusive.

    I am disappointed in all companies actually: Sony, Microsoft, and Square Enix

    Sony: they didn’t make exclusive deals

    Microsoft: they like to steal exclusive, instead of make some new titles.

    Square: They just go after the money.

  • FFXIII is going multi only in NA and EU. Not in JP. That’s what they’re sayin now. They still claim Versus is a PS3 exclusive. Also they say they’re going to start working on the 360 version when they’re done with the PS3.

    Winter of ’09 if the game is going to be simo-released. Oh well..

    I made a big fuss about DMC4 going multi but I don’t care as much about FFXIII. Maybe I’ve gotten used to it.

  • I’m more interested in FF13 Versus actually 🙂

  • Stephen

    I just hope that FFXIII’s quality wouldn’t be compromise because of the multi-platform release. It will most likely be on 4 DVDs for the XBOX360 version (just like Lost Odyssey)

    I was expecting FFXIII would have the same production quality as MGS4. Now I am not very sure if they can do that because the game will have to be optimize/compromise for both consoles (360 having smaller storage medium. PS3 having a less powerful GPU)

  • vipul basically sums um my thoughts

    I mean, I really am happy for real gamers (not fanboys) on the 360, that they can get FF, but I hate it, that MS is the company behind the hardware…

    And other than that… MSs conference was a huge joke. Copying Home AND the Miis in a single strike. Ripping off Buzz (again), ripping off Singstar… …

    But we’ll see, what Sony has in Store for us tomorrow… hopefully not another “2006” keynote with massive damage and RIIIIIIIIIIIDGE RAAAAACER…

  • Darrin

    I’m disappointed as a PlayStation fan to see the PS3 lose such a big exclusive. But honestly,

    Square: For the right price, I would do exactly what they did. I don’t blame them at all.

    Microsoft: They really want the console market, and buying their way in is a perfectly legal move. Calling this evil or unfair is absurd. It’s business. On the bright side, they are pumping lots of outside money into the overall games industry. On the downside for Microsoft, they are developing a reputation as a bully that can’t compete on innovation but only through heavily-funded imitation efforts, buying out competitors, or leveraging monopoly strength.

    Sony: They probably can’t compete in a bidding war with Microsoft. Sony has to out-innovate Microsoft to succeed, and I think that they will.

    I thought Microsoft would have nothing for E3 beyond their recent RPG announcement and recent leaks, and they definitely played a strong hand. Now, all eyes are on Sony (and Nintendo). I definitely have my money on Sony delivering some good surprises of their own.

  • Besides, since FF13 isn’t appearing on the Xbox360 in Japan, they haven’t got a chance of selling a lot of consoles in that country. Becuase they didn’t really show anything at the press conference, that would make Japanese people buy the console.

    And it’s more or less the same with Europe, I think. Besides FF13 and perhaps Lips (which both will come to Europe) they didn’t really show anything that would make a European person buy the console. Because the Netflix and movie deal apparently isn’t coming to Europe. So my impression is, that Xbox360 doesn’t really have a lot of new stuff going for it in neither Japan nor Europe.

    But I’m quite excited as to what Nintendo and (ofcourse) Sony will show us.

  • I’m prepared to be disappointed in Sony at E3.

    I mean, what can they do to top this? They can’t play the money game like m$. There’s nothing worth ‘stealing’ from the 360 anyway.

    I’ve heard that FFXIII is going to be released in Japan 1st and only for the PS3. Anyone importing?

  • Pc

    I just can’t believe that FFXIII will be on the 360 ! They just ruined this game for me because now they have to make it according to 360 hardware (basically dumb it down). That’s soooo damn stupid !!! They have to make the game look and play the same for both systems, and what sux is that the 360 is basically like playing a last gen system but with a good video card. man this sux !!

  • Sony will certainly have some surprises of their own. While it’s news to us, you can bet you life that Sony already knew about FF going to the 360. To me personally, it’s no big deal, since I can’t stand RPGs – but it COULD hurt Sony in Japan. Microsoft’s abysmal failure to crack the Japanese market, and the Japanes gamers love for RPGs, is the obvious reason why MS have been buying up every RPG in sight lately.

    I know Sony said a while back that they don’t feel they need to pay for exclusives, but I think it’s time that they reconsidered that position. At the moment, there’s nothing really to stop MS buying up practically every new title for Xbox exclusivity. I’d at least like to see Sony snap up the quality independent devs that are currently Sony-exclusive, just to make sure that MS don’t get their claws into them in the future.

  • Darrin

    I’m sure that Sony knew about this before hand. I don’t think Sony is unwilling to pay devs to be exclusive, I just think that ultimately Microsoft is willing to pay more and wid a bidding match. Also, a dev probably requires more money to stay exclusive than to break exclusivity. Sony has to out-innovate to compete.

    Sony will have a hard time topping this, but it’s possible. They have to show something big beyond the expected.

    Square said they aren’t even doing the 360 work until after the PS3 version is completed. So hopefully, that means FF13 won’t be dumbed down.

  • It was inevitable. MS has just shown that they can play hardball. And this is a hard hit. Now all they have to do is put a Bluray player in their machine and Sony could be hurt huge.
    Microsoft is now the machine that has all of the shooters out there and all of the RPG’s. Developers are going to stick with the 360 because that is going to be the big machine out there.
    Where are the RPG’s for Sony? It used to be their strength. Now it’s a weakness. I can play FF13 on less expensive 360 hardware. Why sit on the next gen console decision. Sony is in tough. They need a major announcement and the only major announcement they can make is a huge price reduction.

  • Pc

    It’s funny that since a couple of titles have gone the way of the 360 because of major $ payments by microsoft, all the fanboys think that this is the end for Sony, or such a big blow. This will only be a big blow if Sony doesn’t have any BIG announcements tomorrow. Don’t expect Sony to just sit around thinking…Hmmm, what can we do ?? We’re doomed !! I’m sure they will have bigger announcements to make than just one title, besides, it didn’t go exclusive to xbox, just multiplatform. I believe FFXIII versus is still exclusive anyways. I for one am not worried about Sony, they always pull through.

  • ShaneGooseman

    If FFXIII looks the same between the Xbox and PS3, Sony’s rhetoric that it is the better machine as far as graphic will be a load of bull. Unless, there is some longstanding franchise that Sony can put exclusively on their hat, then they will taking it up the butt from M$ for some time.

  • Pc

    If it does look the same on both platforms, that’s simply because it has to ! If it didn’t, then the one with better graphics would be the one that sold the most ! Now if Square would have just kept it on PS3 and made it for PS3, then we would be getting a great game instead of what will most likely be a good game that could have been alot better.

  • ehandlr

    If losing GTA didn’t kill Sony….neither will this. Its good for 360 only console people and its good for SE.

    360 lost Infinite Undiscovery as an exclusive as well…and there are talks that Star Ocean 4 are going multiplatform so you can see why SE is changing everything.

  • and squenix’s stock jumped after the ffxiii-360 news, no wonder they went multiplatform…