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E3 2008 – What Did You Think? |

Well, the Sony E3 2008 press conference is over. As I predicted, Sony was relatively quiet and didn’t announce much that was new. In case you didn’t see the conference or read the news, here’s a quick recap:

  • Video Download Service
    The new video download service goes live tonight! It looks like Sony got all the major players aboard, if memory serves. That’s cool. As well, you’ll be able to download your content to your PSP, which is also cool. To me, prices seemed inline with what you have to pay at iTunes or elsewhere. In other words, slightly too much. 🙂
  • Resistance for PSP
    Sony announced a new Resistance title for the PSP, not developed by Insomniac.
  • PSN Ratchet & Clank
    There’s a new Ratchet & Clank game coming to the PS3, and it’s a $14.99 PSN title.
  • DC Universe Online
    DC Comics MMO by SOE. This is the first time that this title has been shown to the public.
  • MAG
    By Zipper Interactive, this is a new shooter with 256 players online at once! They showed a teaser video with example gameplay. Parachuting from the skies!
  • New PS3 Hardware
    Sony is upping the storage of the current 40GB PS3 to 80GB PS3. And while they didn’t say it, I assume this means that the current 80GB PS3 will fall by the wayside. In my mind, this is actually bad news. It means that Sony will no longer be selling a PS3 with BC or 4 USB ports or memory card readers. Doh!
  • God of War 3
    Sony officially announced God of War 3 for the PS3. They showed a teaser video, but no gameplay.
  • Greatest Hits
    Some greatest PS3 hits are getting a $30 pricetag, like the original Resistance, Warhawk, MotorStorm, and Call of Duty 3.

Tosh, Gary, Darrin – feel free to expand the list.

One of the coolest things was the use of a LittleBigPlanet level to help present some of the facts and figures surrounding the PlayStation universe. I want to play that level! 🙂

What do you all think? I am unhappy to be proven correct in that nothing really new and significant was shown off. MAG is cool, sure. But it’s not the knock-out punch that Sony really needed to deliver.

Or is it?

  • No RPG’s. That was what I took away from it. No mention of anything Square, no mention of anything from Level 5. I would have loved a White Knight Story or Dark Cloud 3 announcement. Overall it seemed a bit sedate.
    Resistance looks good. The PSN lineup looks good, especially Fat Princess.
    No big blockbusters. Nothing really exciting. Why no Everquest announcement.
    The video store is a “meh” announcemnt.
    And no price cut hurts. Even a 279 price would have let Sony say that you could buy a Bluray for 79 instead of $100 more.
    Maybe TGS will have more Japanese RPG info.
    No uncharted 2. No Jax and Daxter, No Sly, No Shadow of the colossus.
    Pretty dissapointing actually.

  • New PSN titles:

    – Crash Commando
    – Fat Princess
    – Pain: Amusement Park
    – Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic
    – Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty
    – Flower

    Greatest Hits titles are:

    – Motorstorm
    – Resistance
    – Warhawk
    – Call of Duty 3
    – Fight Night
    – Need for Speed: Carbon
    – Assassin’s Creed
    – Rainbow Six Vegas
    – Oblivion: The Elder Scrolls
    – Ninja Gaiden

  • $2.99 for an SD rental. That sounds okay. But $5.99 for an HD rental! That’s twice as much! A little disappointing, for sure.

  • Darrin

    There were two big new games, MAG + DC Universe, and a bunch of smaller PSN titles.

    I was expecting a bigger bang, but I’m still happy with what they showed. Except for the SKU change, which sounds horrible if I understand it right.

    R2 and LBP look excellent and better than expected. I can’t wait to try the video store: prices seem a little high. I wonder how deep their selection is. Why didn’t they show White Knight Story? Even just having the Level 5 guys on stage to demo what they preivously had would have been great.

  • iTunes charges $4.99 to rent an SD movie, and $19.99 to buy an SD movie. For HD movie pricing, I’d have to access the store from an AppleTV, which I don’t have. (Or is there another way to access it?)

    Mmm. Wait a sec. A press release for iTunes movies I just read said that movie rentals would be $2.99 for old movies and $3.99 for new ones, with a $1 surcharge for HD. Strange. Maybe it’s cheaper on AppleTV than from iTunes on a computer?

    No wait. I got it. I’m Canadian! So there’s the Canada surcharge in effect for you. $2 per movie. What a ripoff. I hope Sony doesn’t do the same thing, our currency is almost at par.

    To summarize: SD movie rental is the same as iTunes (in the States). Sony HD movie rental is much more than iTunes (in the States).

  • pretty underwhelming 🙁 on the other hand, i’ll be happy to pick up some of those greatest hits for $30 🙂

  • Highlights for me are:

    Ratchet & Clank Future DLC
    Crash Commando
    Stardust portable
    Resistance PSP

    Man, I’m really tempted to get a PSP again. What would seal the deal would be PSOne games on the UK PS Store!! 👿

  • Sporty

    I’m kinda tempted to get a PSP again also. Stardust and Resistance look good. I sold my PSP last fall.

    BTW your info on the SKUs is off. They are doubling the HDD on the 40GB and renaming it Core. Current 80GB with BC will be the same at the same price.

    Video store prices are competitive to iTunes, but I hope the quality is better. Probably wont be though… Nice that you can take it with you and watch it on TV out on any TV and crap, but I don’t have a PSP atm..

  • I know I’m not an RPG fan, and I do understand that the FFXIII issue is a bit of a let-down for many. But I think there has been a MASSIVE over-reaction to the move of one single game to multi-platform; if it had gone 360 exclusive, I may have understood the reaction a little more. And it’s not like we haven’t seen a large number of former 360 exclusives moving the other way. The cries of “Sony is finished” that I’ve read in various corners of the web are little more than the blubberings of sour-faced fanboys and Sony-haters.

    In terms of games, for me, among other things, Resistance 2 looked seriously impressive, and I’ve been looking forward to its massive 60-player games since I first heard of them. But by far the most impressive thing was MAG, with its 256-player games. 40-player Resistance was great – 60-player R2 will be epic, but MAG will be off the scale. Even most PC games don’t boast numbers like that.

    Outside of games, I thought the movie service looked great, and I hope that we in Europe get a similar offering. I’d certainly consider the rental service, because some of the DVDs I rent are in such terrible condition that I often don’t want to put them in my machine… though I think I will always prefer to have a physical disc when it comes to purchases.

    Over all, I’m sure the FFXIII story will be what most people end up talking about from this E3, but much of that will only be due to the overly hysterical reaction of many Sony/series fans. Other than that, I don’t think anyone had anything particularly spectacular this year. The Wii-mote upgrade/add-on is Nintendo’s DualShock 3 (“it should have been included from the beginning!”), and Live’s Avatars and ‘social network’ looks like a rushed answer to Home.

    I’ve said before that I have no regrets in bypassing the 360 and waiting for the PS3, and given the selections of games forthcoming for each system, that outlook hasn’t changed. For me, PS3 is still the system to own.

  • Mike

    I think the lack of PS2 compatibility is probably a deliberate move. I was not a fan of how Microsoft kicked Xbox to curb after basically three and a half years but you can see how they made out by pushing into the next cycle while PS2’s continued success is hurting Sony in some ways. They need to get more PS2 owners to upgrade but they are still not pricing the system the way they need to so I guess they hope the people that do buy PS3’s spend the money on PS3 games and PSN content rather than PS2 Greatest Hits.

    They really announced nothing that would undo the hysteria of FFXIII going to Xbox 360. It’ll come out too late to have much of an impact on either system’s sales but this is like E3 2006 all over again for the media members looking for a reason to jump down Sony’s throat.

  • I really don’t see how people can say MS won this E3. They haven’t shown anything new, gamewise. All they did was pay SE to develop FF13 for the 360. Heck, from what I’ve heard SE is finacially unstable. I think they needed the money to continue developing the game. What bothers me is how people act like it’s a MS exclusive now.

    It is interesting how the US and EU probably won’t see FFXIII on either system before late ’09 because SE wants a simo release for both territories when they haven’t even started working on the 360 version yet.. While if PS3 fans wanted they can import it whenever it’s released in Japan.

    Anyway, enough FF13 talk. I knew Sony wouldn’t have anything major to announce. Resistance looks good and it’s and exclusive that’s coming this year. I wanted to see some rpg news, outside of FF. I saw some of RE:5 gameplay and it looks like RE:4 in HD. The enemies are using the same type of weapons, the main character guy ( no clue on the name ) walks, motions and holds his gun the same way as Leon. Gonna pass on that one.

    It’s good that they’re still supporting the PS2. Not everyone can or wants to upgrade to a PS3 nowadays.

    All in all, this E3 is a disspointment. Except for the appearance greatest comic artist of all time, Jim Lee! That guy was my idle back when I used to collect comic.

  • Darrin

    My initial reaction: MS won the show.

    MS definitely had the biggest bombshell with FFXIII and Sony’s event lacked any real shocker. Also, the Xbox Netflix deal upstaged Sony’s Video Store.

    On second thought: Sony wins by a large margin.

    2008 game lineup is much better, although no major surprises.
    2009+ game lineup is awesome and Sony gave out lots of new info. I’m sure Microsoft has some great stuff for 2009, but they intentionally kept slient on that.
    Not to be a hater, but the great games that Microsoft showed were multiplatform, Microsoft’s new game announcements were really lame, and their big ’08 exclusives (Gears, Fable, etc) are a little stale.
    The Xbox Netflix deal is just a port of the Netflix client. You can already use a regular Windows PC or for living room access, the Roku player is $100 with built-in Wi-Fi and and doesn’t require a $50/year XBL subscription. Unless you are already a 360 owner and XBL subscriber, the Roku box looks like a way better deal.

  • ehandlr

    MS had the biggest surprise…but how can you “win” E3 with a multiplatform title.

    E3 sucked overall…again..but Sony did walk away with the best list of exclsive games which is what matters