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PS3 Video Store Impressions – NOT! |

PS3 Fanboy gave their impressions of the video download service. IGN PS3 gave their impressions of the video download service. Where’s’s impressions? I was hoping to rent an HD movie last night and talk about it here, but it was not meant to be.


I’m Canadian.

That’s right. I’m Canadian. I guess Canadians don’t get access to the video download service from Sony. I assume it’s coming eventually, but I know that it’s not here now. First I accessed the store remotely through Remote Play on my PSP. No luck. I thought that maybe, just maybe, it wouldn’t work through the PSP. So I turned on my home theater and went to the store directly without Remote Play. But I got no video content that way either.

So I tried creating an American account. But the problem is that my VISA is tied to a Canadian billing address, so even if I got into the store, I wouldn’t be able to pay for anything.

* SIGH *

So I have two questions:

1) Anybody in America wish to give their impressions of the video download service?

2) Anybody outside of America also have my problem? I’m wondering if the service is available to any non-Americans.

  • Anders

    Probably obvious, but it’s not working in Sweden.

  • As a fellow Canadian i was very much displeased that the service was not given to Canada as well. Can’t even look in to the store on my American name thanks to IP blocking- doesn’t even register the button press to go to it in the first place.

    At a guess part of the problem was negotiating the rights to bring it up here in the first place- hopefully that gets rectified real soon, otherwise I may have to start checking out the video service on the 360 (which does work in Canada).

  • Bilzac cant say im not shocked…oh and they got smart with the blocking on @Lyndon…i tried that and i live in dubai, hopefully when i shift in a month to Waterloo, Canada to go to uni they’ll have the video store up

  • Bilzac: going to UW or Wilfred Laurier? I grew up in Waterloo and went to UW.

  • Bilzac

    UW for comp engineering

  • Bilzac

    im taking my ps3 :D..luckily no region blocks on games for i dont have to buy a new one there

  • I tried to have a look at the video store using my NA account but the option didn’t even appear.

  • JimmyStewart

    I know it sucks to hear but after seeing this exact same issue on the 360 I can say with some certainty it’s all due to the different rights between nations. To quote Major Nelson when constantly asked about it for the 360, it’s not that they don’t want your business or that they don’t care about you as customers. It’s all to do with the content providers in other regions. If you aren’t happy, contact the providers in your respective regions. If it’s anything like the 360, they claim they want to provide the content to you but the right holder in different areas aren’t as eager to let you. I’m sure there’s a wealth of information on the issue in regards to the 360 store and perhaps some of it might suggest whom you could contact specifically. Hopefully if the XBox store works in Canada the Sony store should be able to get those rights squared away in short order.

    I am in America, and the store is up and running. This video store is the feature I was most looking forward to with my PS3. I haven’t actually rented anything yet, but my wife and I did spend about 10 minutes browsing through the store this morning. We love that you can purchase films, but we’re a bit disappointed there don’t seem to be any HD purchase options. Only HD rentals for right now. I’m sure you guys already know the pricing structure, but I was pleased to see movies up there for varying prices and with an exact dollar price that was easy to understand. Sometimes it’s tricky to figure out exactly how much a rental on the 360 is going to cost when you’re paying with points. So far though the content has a bit of catching up to do. Most of what’s on the PSN is already on the 360, but there’s quite a bit that seems to be missing. I know it’s only the first day but I have high hopes that the PSN can actually become the first real option for online video. Even with fewer options, I love the layout. It’s very much like the PSN Store and it was a breeze to browse through. Only one day out and it’s already my favorite video download store. Sorry I can’t comment on the video quality or playback, perhaps on a night that I’m not working. We did see quite a few we’re eager to rent. It’s just having the time to watch a full feature film.

    Sorry it’s not working outside the US guys. I hope it gets to you all in short order! It’s worth the wait.

  • Darrin

    Vid store works for me. I browsed around for a while, but I’ll actually try watching something tonight.

  • A friend says, it works if you use a anonymous US proxy… Dunno if this is worth the hassle…

    Hopefully, it will come soon to Germany… if not, well then FU Sony (I know, they aren’t the ones responsible), as you could easily tell Sony Pictures to release stuff… no matter where!

  • I was pretty dissapointed that the video store does not apply to Canada. I will use the movie rental and TV purchase feature when it is available; I’d love to get rid of my crappy Shaw TV service and just pay for shows I want to watch.

    Definately time to upgrade the hard drive in my PS3 though, it still has the stock 60 GB unit and after two years it is pretty full.

  • Darrin

    Thanks for the full post and info, Jimmy

  • mpz

    Because of cartel-like licensing deals from the content providers/studios, all content is only ever licensed in small regions or by nation. So every such shop will always have the same issue.

  • i’m not surprised. itunes canada didn’t get movies or tv shows till later, too, for example…