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80GB PS3 to Hit Pal Territories Aug 27th |

The official press release from Sony:

E3, LOS ANGELES, Calif., July 16, 2008 – Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) held its E3 media reception this evening at the Viceroy Hotel, Santa Monica, with David Reeves, President of SCEE, providing a European perspective on the announcements made at the Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) press conference yesterday.

Launching on 27th August 2008 throughout the PAL territories (shortly after in Russia), the new PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) 80GB model will become the mainstay of the company’s hardware line-up. The 80GB model will retail for €399 (£299), and will offer all of the features and functionality of the 40GB model with double the storage to accommodate more games, movies, graphics, music, photos and other entertainment content – all for the same price.

As with its predecessor, the new 80GB model will be a complete entertainment system comprising the highest quality games and films on Blu-ray™, as well as the ability to download exclusive content, play games online and access the internet at any time through an integrated Wi-Fi connection. The multi-functionality of the 80GB PS3, combined with an incredible number of exclusive first and third-party titles, as well as PLAYSTATION®Network, makes PS3 a comprehensive entertainment value designed to appeal to a wide range of consumers from hard-core gamers to general entertainment enthusiasts.

“We have been listening to our customers and are pleased to be able to answer one of their key requests”, said David Reeves, President, SCEE. “There is more downloadable content than ever before, with the emphasis moving towards user generated content, something clearly seen this week in LittleBigPlanet™. When you add this to the already compelling entertainment offering on PS3, where you can store games, music, videos and pictures, the extra storage becomes invaluable.”

Listening huh? What about the cries for backwards compatibility to be brought back? Not that I care as I have a 60GB PS3 but I never play PS2 games on it anyway.

The Platinum range for the PS3 will hit Europe on August 1st (day before my birthday, what a coincidence 😉 ). Confirmed titles are Heavenly Sword (SCEE), MotorStorm™ (SCEE), Ratchet and Clank™: Tools of Destruction (SCEE), Uncharted: Drakes Fortune (SCEE), Virtua Tennis (Sega), Assassin’s Creed (Ubisoft) and WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 08 (THQ).

Smackdown Vs Raw 08 hasn’t got a confirmed release date yet. The games will be priced at 30 Euros.

  • I do play PS2 games on my PS3 occasionally, so I’m glad I have BC.

    My friend, who was planning to buy a PS3 probably around Christmas, is a little worried too. He wants BC to play the Champions of Norrath games. (He doesn’t have a PS2.)

  • Carl;)G

    “We have been listening to our customers…” REALLY???????
    Like you said
    ‘What about the cries for backwards compatibility to be brought back?’
    I love my PS3(60GB)&SONY but this is just STUPID really. If my PS3 dies i don’t want a ps2 B/C less PS3 if they can’t fix it??? :-/ The PS3 SHOULD play all PS1+PS2 games i think. Why not have a 40GB B/C less one and a 80GB B/C one in Europe for???(+the whole world) I wouldn’t mind paying more for a ps2 B/C PS3. I think it’s a mistake. Oh well. Hope they do bring it back in the Future 🙁 +I play PS2 games all the time on my PS3;) So i need it.
    +E3 was Brilliant!;-P So much good stuff coming to the PS3;)

  • Sony, with its bad decisions. They are also confusing users with this new SKU. Now there are two 80GB units, one with BC and one without.

  • Trigga_Tybalt

    yikes. i’m glad i got my euro 60gig back in october so i could still play PS2 games. 80gig is a good size HD though. not sure how much of an impression on sales it will have though.