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June Hardware Sales: USA + Japan |


NPD MediaCreate Total
360 219,800 16,878 236,678
NDS 783,000 207,159 990,159
PS2 188,800 39,363 228,163
PS3 405,500 138,835 544,335
PSP 337,400 301,342 638,742
Wii 666,700 224,245 890,945


  1. Prince Mateus

    That isn’t seriously accurate, is it? PS3 sales are approaching 2-to-1 in the US if so, which is… pretty major!

  2. It is as accurate as it can be.
    My guess is that MGS4 helped a bit.

  3. Trigga_Tybalt

    what’s major is how the PS2 is almost outselling the 360 O_o

  4. lol thats sorta funny, but its nice to c such good sale results for the both the ps3 and mgs4, helps stir confidence in 3rd party exclusive sales *cough*Square enix*cough* . Oh and did anybody hear that microsoft are going to announce a medal system, a medal is awarded for every achievement. It seems like Sony copied microsoft first and now microsoft is copying sony mean to be a fanboy or anythin but microsoft needs some original ideas , lips is singstar , be in the movies or watever is eyetoy games on ps2, avatar is mix of mii and home characters.

  5. Sadly these numbers will drop until Sony’s other big guns are released later this year.

    Microsoft is desperately trying to steal any thunder Sony musters. I remember hearing how they were borrowing money to buy Yahoo. M$ is going to sink itsself if they keep throwing around cash for everything.

  6. Oh, these numbers are accurate. It’s because MGS4 was in mid-June. Unfortunately, most are expecting things to return to normal next month. Great job, MGS4!!

  7. I find it interesting at how good the PSP is doing now… That can only mean good new games coming to us 😀

    And other than that… the big games will start coming now as we are approaching XMas now, fast. And I hope, this shows publishers, that even games not released around Xmas can sell well (see MGS4 or GTA4).

    What’s on the schedule for August and September?!?

  8. blizac: excellent point about 3rd party exclusives and squenix

  9. Expect PS3 sales to plummet until September. What idiot will pay money for a 40GB now when they can wait six weeks and get an 80GB for the same price?

    Sony really should have knocked £50/$100 off the remaining 40GB stock. I guess they’re hoping retailers will take the hit (not happening yet).

  10. This truely is Good news. It seems like Sony themselves under utilize the power of Exclusive rights to triple A titles. Jack Tretton himself said that Sony is not into the business of Buying Exclusive rights. I guess they did not think one really good game could boost Sales. I hope looking at these Graphs and other data from NDP they will change their minds. I do see Sony’s point somwhat , that there are only a handfull of games that are exclusive for each system. But it seems like it is getting harder and harder to differentiate themselves from each-other. Especially if MS keeps buying anything and everything to be more like the PS3. Soon we will see Blu-Ray Xbox 360s. Its going to be a slow process if this continues, sony the time is now to lock up some Great Triple A titles that should boast a little leverage over the Xbox. Use some of the money you get from TV Sales, lord knows you guys are doing amazing there.”

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