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Final Fantasy Advent Children PS3 Exclusive? |

On 1UP Yours Show, Shane says that Square Enix FFXIII Producer says that they will being making a big Advent Children announcement in two weeks in Tokyo that will swing the pendulum of Square Enix support back from the 360 towards PS3. Sounds great!

  • Meresin

    I’ll believe it when I see it. They’ve done next to nothing for the PS3 except pretend that Versus will remain exclusive. I’m sure it will…Until they get a check from Microsoft the day before E3’09. 😛

  • sinisterff

    Same here. It would be really cool if this is true but I have no hope now, well maybe a little

  • Lol SE. You fooled us for 3 years thinking FF13 was PS3 only and slapped us by making SO4 360 exclusive/timed or not.

    Why should we believe you’re not just another M$ sock puppet now?

  • Mike

    Is this supposed to be a game based on the movie? He made it sound like it would be something of the magnitude of the FF7 remake, I doubt it is anything close to that.

  • JimmyStewart

    M$ sock puppet of P$ sock puppet… as long as they put out a quality FF7 related product I don’t think anyone should be too worried. Even if it ends up on the 360, if it’s on the PS3 at the same time everyone wins. Instead of worrying about what platform it’s on I think the energy would be better spent worrying that Square puts out a product that sells and is still relevant. Consoles come and go but it’s the games that stick with us. Why seeing other consoles enjoy great games is an issue for gamers is still beyond me.

    That said… I’d rather see a FF7 remake than anything Advent Children related. But then again, I’m not really a FF fan. I’d rather they spent all this time pushing out the next Kingdom Hearts myself.

  • Sporty

    Call me crazy, but I think some of the expectations on some forums from SE’s coming announcement is just building up for a giant letdown.

    The original article that I think Shane is basing this off of on 1UP is

    “Tetsuya Nomura offers some interesting details about Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete, Blu-ray version of the film out there is already a certain time. We thought so far only a few bits of footage had been added, but little information and a complete absence of release date proved to be quite strange. In fact, according to Nomura, these are passages of the whole scenario that have been added and others who have been modified. In the end, the film should win in length and density. The Japanese release date has been decided, but it will have to wait (probably to the event DK Σ3713 in early August) so that it is unveiled. Nomura also notes that a big announcement that should accompany the release date, without giving more details ”

    So I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if we get a release day for the BD Advent Children and another spin off announced for DS or PSP.

  • Darrin

    As Jimmy said, as long as we get the games we want on the platform we want, why cheer for other platforms to NOT get those games?

    Clearly, you only cheer for exclusives when you are cheering for a platform and not just the games themselves. As a purely happy gamer, you don’t care about politics, and are happy to get games on any platform, but most game fans (myself included) aren’t so pure.

  • Matt

    Who cares if it is? As long as it is good on PS3 does it even matter? The PS3 is the lead platform and that should mean an optimized game that you will love.

  • anoyed

    optimised game??? if it comes out on two consoles it will have to the be dumbed down for the lesser console, hence the only advantages the ps3 will have is bette rgraphics, but we want more!!!! i say we need a mgs4-esque(in terms of content and awesomness) ffiii that would be AWESOME!!!!!
    though yes i agree they should spend thier time on a qulity PS3 (not psp or ds or mobile) KINGDOM HEARTS 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!